Auto growers : I challenge you to start growing photoperiod strains!

In my opinion, I see lots of good growers on here that seem to be waisting time growing auto flower strains. Spending months of time and effort to grow a 2ft tall stick with a few buds on it. If auto’s are your thing that’s great, keep up the good work. If you are ready for a challenge, I challenge you to grow your first photoperiod strains and post your progress on this thread. Cheers and happy growing :blush:


Not happening , I’m perfectly happy pulling 24 ounces from a lemon mimosa auto in 3 months start to finish


3 months start to finish???; I highly doubt that @ the weight you’re saying :neutral_face::neutral_face:


My 1st picture of that grow was december 21 and that pic up there was march 11 about 2 weeks before harvest so march 25ish so yes pretty close to perfectly 3 months


I pulled decent #’s from autos on 5 consecutive runs. Then I switched to photos and have been disappointed. Don’t count autos out, I feel they have a very solid time and place


Here are my autos from my last grow so they can get big and produce if provided the right environments.

I am going to switch to photos either this coming up grow or the next one though.


I love growing autos my last grow i got 15.5 ounces from two plants and the grow before that one i got 9 ounces from one auto i do have photoperiod seeds i was going to do one but i started two autos in stead


My current grow, three different auto strains in there.
Back left, Shirley - GSCE Day 64 from sprout
Back right, Claudette - LSD - Day 69
Front left, Psyduck - Blueberry Glue, day 39
Front right, Jigglypuff - Blueberry Glue, day 41.

Claudette’s a shrimp, but that’s the way this strain do. She’s LOADED with buds.

I own 5 Gold Leaf photo seeds, but I wanted to get a nice stash stored away first. Claudette is just about finished - just waiting for a few ambers to set in. Shirley is 2-3 weeks out.

And I have what looks as if it’s going to be a whopping Gorilla Glue in my small tent - she’s 42 days old, just starting to preflower - late for an auto - and has fan leaves the size of my hand. She’s itching to get going.

So - yes, I’m going to grow a photo, possibly next, but I love that I can turn out smoke in 3 months.


Well at least you opened this thread with the words “In my opinion”. I’ll just consider myself very lucky that your opinion has no effect on my autoflower yields. Have a great day!


I’ve never had a 2 foot auto all are 4 feet or more hell I’ve had 6.5 ft tall zkittlez autos. Least I’ve ever pulled from an auto was right about 3oz of smokable stuff. Photos r def better but autos r not that bad of producers if grown right. Not as good of smoke as a reg seed but still can give quality smoke. I’ve tasted some all my autos seem to come out looser nigs but good smoke


Not really a challenge “in my opinion “! Auto or photo- it’s whatever works for your situation and environment to grow in. I like both, BUT the Auto have given me great weight for the effort involved. Happy Growing! :sunglasses::v:


I’m finishing out my first auto run after years doing photos. I’m at 222g off of two of six plants and I only trim and cure the top third to half of the plant, everything else goes to hash. These were the two early smaller yield plants. I’ve a couple that are going to be 250-300g plants… Low end it’ll be a total harvest of 750-800g. I could end up with more. With the three strains that’s enough smoke for me for the next year+ and giving some to those close to me. I’m on week 11 of flower Week 15 total. The yields are comparable to all my photo harvests run on a 19 week system.

A lot of the yield issues you see with autos is a majority of posters online are entry level-slightly experienced growers. They gravitate to autos for the ease and quick results. Most experienced growers have excellent yields. I’m impressed and will be running individual autos consistently from here out to add a variety of flavors to the stash and to share some love with my friends.


Im on my first grow and started with autos for 2 main reasons, i figure its the fastest way to learn what works and doesnt work (for me) and faster yield from start to finish. Thats my logic, we’ll see how it turns out. Been following a few folks here and hoping for the best @KPC @Pinboy


Right now i have both going in the same tent i just waited until the photo was big enough for the light to be switched over to 12 there doing ok but i won’t do it again i think it takes extra light that the auto could have used but you learn by trying i order another tent Friday 2x4x84 the one i have now is 30x30x60 ive already have enough lights to run auto in one and photo in the other one hopefully when what i have growing before i cut it down ill take pictures ut i can tell you it doesn’t look as good as what you’ll have peace and keep on keeping on


New grower here, and I decided to do both in my first grow, so I can decide for myself. So far, three weeks in, I can already tell the genetics of my photos are almost identical. My autos are growing at all different paces.

White Widow Photos:

JH Auto:


Good luck it not the end of the world i probably should have waited a little longer before putting the photo in with it my have helped but im sure it’ll work out just fine i think the auto had pretty good buds on it before i started the photo if i take the time to figure out how to take pictures i would send and i will

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I usually grow photos but these two are Lambs Breath Autos
26 oz total from both plants.


There are huge autos out there, you just have to know which ones, and it doesn’t hurt to do a little training on them as well.


Thanks everyone for your input. Looking good . Some of you sure can get autos to produce good yields. Do some auto strains yield a lot more than others? What’s the secret between growing an auto twig an auto bush?


IMHO you just have to know which ones to get along with training, grow environment… etc. in my case I think the hydro helped a lot. :v::sunglasses:


I do both. Photo meds for large yields. Many popcorns but a lot of weight for edibles. Auto for variety. I think both are great. The photo lets me veg big and the auto give me good variety with less work. My photo will veg 3 months at times. During that time my auto close to harvest. I think both have their place. If outdoors i would photo myself. I truly believe it situational and a choice between the 2 with downsides to both as with everything. Damn i straddled this fence but an honest opinion.