Auto grow seeds

has anyone tryed these auto flower plants and which would be a easy one to do and id like haze i would buy the seeds from this site


@HornHead @AAA @kellydans I just tagged a few experts, they will answer your questions shortly :slight_smile:


White Widow is a very easy plant to grow.


I have grown a few different strains of auto flowering, but never a haze (yet). I haven’t found any more difficult than others, but I could of just got lucky…

@bonnie1 and @Carol4486 have both recently grown auto haze plants, maybe they could chime in on how easy/difficult they be…

but as @MrPeat suggested, white widow is an easy grow, it was my first choice when I started. Mainly because of the buy 10, get 10 free deal. Plenty of seeds incase mistakes happen…


The Northern Light Auto being one of my favorite autos but do like blueberry and Amnesia Haze all three come in the mix pack. I think you’ll be very happy with ILGM Seeds @jimmyjimjam


First time wwauto grow.


Hey @Ron330… I grow alotta amnesia haze because it’s the best so far for me. Give me a few hrs and I’ll take a pic of my big girl ready for harvest. I’m behind cause I’ve been going to the hospital for my husband for 12 days now, he’s getting better, so happy for that. It is exhausting though. Anyway I’ll take a pic and tag you. All I grow are autos now. Have some AH and critical purple right now, sometimes kush & super silver haze. I’ve got some afghan, but I always go back to AH. Smells & tastes great and grows pretty big. I’ll tag you later. :grimacing::+1::seedling:


My Amnesia haze grew very nicely no real trouble


They are all easy to grow for the most part


thank you for all your replies im thinking white widow. its just amazing how they have managed to come up with these auto plants lol blows my mind… thanks again

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White Widow Auto for beginners, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme Auto for bud rot/mold resistance. Also depends on grow environment.

Happy growing!