Auto grow for fall?


hey fellas. I am considering trying a fall grow with an auto WW… I have checked forecasts and we should be about done with the 90 degree temps except for a few next month…so I will be looking at low and mid 80’s during the day and low 70’s at night…usually during the fall the rain slows down unless a named storm is coming around…I am in the gulf coast area so the sun is intense and the rain is unpredictable… question… due to sun intensity I was considering planting in an area surrounded by trees… it would get direct sunlight for about 5 hours a day, but be in light shade the rest of the day…the trees would also help to protect the plant from heavy winds or rains…what do ya think? would it kill my yields? we usually do not see any freeze activity until late November so there should be plenty of time to grow an auto…
help, advice, suggestions, and overall benefits of various experiences is always appreciated.



Do it now!!!


@careg you’re a Floridian right?

I’m just curious, how long is the outdoor grow season for you?


Its usually its good until December.


here’s a short read on growing with trees.