Auto Going Hermie

Strange but true.

My all fem auto suddenly developed balls!

Probably to much stress. It germinated 19th Feb. Very cold and only window light. My girl withstood it all. Even my defeckingfolioation which went wrong.

Now I’ve got a girl AND a boy… my cup overflows!

Light up a spliff.

A new adventure awaits.

Best regards and good luck,


Can you get a better pic it look like swollen calyxs to me but hard to tell in the pic

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I’m not sure that’s a hermie. Post a better pic of the balls. I think it’s just a callyx.

Is this what your seeing these are my autos

Yes, my girls are amazing. Swollen Calxs is more likely. JUST RESEARCHED on google images.

Could be a good pick-up line!


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Nope Newt. It’s more balls. Yours look more mature.

Yea mine are probably more mature but at 1st they do look like balls then out of nowhere you will see hair popping out I thought i had a few hermie plants to cause I stress them out big time just about everything you could think of going wrong happened with this grow and they are doing pretty good so far but a better pic would really help

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I’m a bit wasted.

If I visit the growing patch, I just might declare my undying love for all my girls and then slowly collapse in a heap rolling multiple times over said girls in the patch and spend tomorrow trying to repair the damage.

I’m cool Newt… no worries


thought I had the same problem
it’s not balls


That’s a shame.

zoom out. has a pistal. trashed a plant. thanks to this forum still have 2 wwa. 1 is a runt, the other is growing nice, fat sticky buds

Do they look like this ? Or bunching up


I’m using a Kindle and it takes rubbish pictures. This is the best I can do.

This is a male

Very handsome and virial :wink:

The rest of my grow is weeks/months away from flowering. So, if it is hermie it won’t be the end of the world but if it’s NOT hermie, then happy days.

Thank you for all of your replies.

Best regards and good luck with your growing.


Just an update.

My girl is all girl. ALTHOUGH she is very lazy and seems to be having problems forming compact buds.

I thought she’d be ready for harvest by the latest 1 June given the seed germinated 17 Feb and AK’s have a published (not Bergman) growtime of 8-10 weeks.

The wait goes on…

Good luck with your grows.