Auto girl Scout cookies ex

I have a auto that i moved over in the planter 2 monts ago and it is still in do i restart the cycle its on 23 hr.2000 wt led full spectrum

Great question! It sounds like this may not be an auto… give her two more weeks to see if she decides to flower. Otherwise you are growing a photoperiod and should switch to a 12/12 light cycle. :seedling:

Thank you i thought i my have put it in shock

Great flavor from the girl scout cookies ex im starting two more and giving them more space 70 gr from last one but had 3 in 55 gal.barrel on its side to crowded 1 at each end should yeild more

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I started the last 4 blueberry auto and got no result i keep the seeds in the refrigerator is that affecting them ?

Possibly. Could be too much moisture. Best to keep seeds in a cool, dry place like a cigar box. And after a year, seed viability decreases