Auto-Flowers - when to switch 12/12 visually

Hello All -

This is my first grow and I’m 100% new to this forum - I probably should have started a ‘journal’ in hindsight…but oh well.

I have planted 3 unknown seeds. I know two of the strains (Girl Scout Cookies, and NightFire OG), but I have no idea if these are Auto’s or Feminized. I’m going to guess and say Autos just because of where I got them…

But going off that assumption that these seeds are in-fact Autos, from the reading I’ve done suggests that Autos really have a mind of their own, and when they want to flower they’ll flower on their own time.

So my question is this - how do I know visually if/when that happens? Is there a Visual queue I can get from the plants so I know when to switch my light schedule to 12/12? I’m currently on a 18/6 light schedule.

Here is what they currently look like today after their first transplant:

Any/All help is greatly appreciated! :nerd_face:

Also PS: is it too late to start a grow journal on this site? or are those typically reserved for newly started grows? My only concern is that I’m already a few weeks into this grow?


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