Auto flowers light requirements (outdoor grow)

How do auto flowers work on light cycles? I get that they flower based on their age, but to grow them successfully does one need to have them in sunlight for a certain time? Or can you grow them outdoors all year round? Does the amount of sun they get affect the yeild?

Autoflowers should ignore the photoperiod so more light equals more growth in the time you have. Grow them outdoor midwinter and they will be puny. Grow them inside under 24 hour strong light, not so puny. They are never going to get huge. Their genes say “hurry up and reproduce before the Siberian winter comes!”


Thanks mate…so summer i should get those autos going :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you have to let normal plants outdoors run until September or October before the light tells them to finish. I still have 5 plants outdoors and just one of them is starting to show a bit of amber. Autos you can do outdoors and have a June harvest, a July harvest, etc. They get plenty of light during late spring, summer, and early fall to reach their full potential.

Indoors, autos are good for mixing with photoperiod strains in the same tent because they don’t care if you are running 24/0, 18/6, or 12/12 for the normal plants. Some people like them for continuous production schemes because they are so fast.

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Thanks heaps for your knowledge @1BigFella … much appreciated and now i know, can’t wait to order the auto flower mix pack soon…while my Sativas Aussie bush bud babies ckeep growing. This is so fun…just wish it would allow me to upload a photo… @bob31 ?


how are you trying to upload them from a laptop, tablet or smartphone? What is the issue?

happy to help you sort it out!

@bob31 from a smartphone. I understand the ‘upload’ button but when press that nothing happens and I can only insert text. That’s for uploading photos to the topics. With profile picture the issue is similar. I hit 'upload ’ in the settings and nothing happens.

Auto flowers start to flower when’s the roots hit the bottom of the pot for indoor I would use a 3gallon root maker pot with cocoa using cocoa you usually don’t need to worry about over watering cocoa will maintain its own moisture level and will just run to waste