Auto flowers flowering really soon

Hi guys

I’m running some skittles autos (not from ILGM, due to Austrália border closure)

They are 3 weeks old and have started flowering already.

I’m running them on a 12/12 light schedule for the first time dunno if that has anything to do.

Will I have to just put up with it and expect a very shit harvest or is there anything I can do?

I have moved house and they had a few disruptions where they had a day or 2 with zero lights (unfortunately I couldn’t avoid that)

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Not much u can do about it with autos, they set the pace

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Pack 'em tight to one side and drop another seed?


Yeah I thought that was the case.

I was just wondering if I had done anything wrong but who knows.

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It’s been hard to get seeds in Australia.

I’m hoping to get some cuttings of a photo.

Thank you

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I literally busting out laughing

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I think it’s odd that they’re all the same but it don’t really matter now. If you have space I would run them out for a couple weeks and see what happens. Unfortunately they’re probably not going to amount to a whole lot but you may get some smokable buds

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English is my second language, so I was hoping he didn’t mean I needed to “fertilize” the soil myself haha

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Flowering so early thats autos for you

I’ve done autos before but it wasn’t THAT early. This is another level haha

Yah they have a mind of there own there a funny plant the autos very unpredictable

Its not hard to get seeds in Australia u just need to know what seed banks to use , i use sticky seeds uk gorilla seeds uk and attitude seeds uk they all send to Australia i get my seeds with in three weeks

Ive never had a problem with getting them and ive never had a problem with germination ive always had a 100% strike rate

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I’ll give those banks a go.

I’m getting mine from Cavemanseeds (australian seedbank) as ILGM isn’t sending to Aus.

Caveman didn’t have many a while back but I just checked and they have some more. I just got Super Silver haze. It will be here by next Friday.

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Bro try those seed banks sticky seeds uk has dark wizard genetics thats wat my white widow auto is here is a pic

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Geez that looks packed.

Caveman ain’t bad they get synergy genetics and had good runs before just got unlucky with skittlez.

I’ll try sticky seeds next. Might order some now

They have a good range and there prices are great

Do you have the option of giving photo periods a go?