Auto flowers 4 1/2 weeks

my w. widow decided it is going to flower now. question is does it make a difference about the lighting hours? its 18 hours,do i need to shorten for flowering even though its an auto flower

18/6 is probably the most common light cycle for autos. I’m greedy so I run 19/5ish total between outdoor and indoor. Some people run lights 24 hours on autos.

No need to worry or change light schedule. You can run 18/6 start to finish.

so if I run longer light I would get more bud. Also how much stretch on the plants during flowering? they very compact now

Up to a certain point at least. There’s some debate about the 24/0 schedule not allowing for “rest”.

Depending on the strain, phenos, and grow conditions they could stretch by as little as 50% or as much as 100%. My first auto stretched by about 75%. The one I have going now stretched by about 50%, but she got some pretty rough training.

thank you much

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