Auto flowers 3 weeks into flower

Hey just wondering what’s a good NPK to feed during flower? Never really payed attention in my last few grow and had lots of yellowing leaves around week 4 of flower. So far this grow is doing great but I’m coming up on week 4. I wS reading 5-15-10 was a good amount for autos?

I was feeding them general hyponics micro,gro and bloom. But last week cut out the bloom and gro and added liquid koolbloom and Herculean harvest along with the micro.

I just use the 3 part general hydroponics flora trio. Works great

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You don’t want to cut the bloom. You use the koolbloom in weeks 5-6 I believe. I use micro and bloom all the way until the last week or so. You can cut out the grow part

Ok I cut the bloom out because adding the liquid bloom and Herculean harvest my NPK adds up to 5-16-11which is close to what I’ve read is good for autos?

I don’t pay attention to the numbers on bottle. I go by what their schedule says

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