Auto flowering: Yellow/brown spotting

Update: Still growing in taller and filling out with fresh leaves. Noticing more white/brown spotting on the edges of older leaves. Still giving nutes in the same amounts and watering every 4 days. Also I’m noticing the pistols are turning from white to amber already.

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Looks like you are handling it well. Older leaves will die off. Your buds will continue to increase in size. The brown pistils will ultimately shrivel and get sucked into the bud. Once you have the majority brownish and shriveled, start checking the trichomes for cloudy and amber color.

Keep growing!


Thank you so much!

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UPDATE: still growing taller and more white pistols. Took off a few leaves towards the bottom that were drying up and falling off. Noticing a few aphids under leaves but not worried about it yet. I am noticing some clear/white splotches on some leaves towards the bottom but not sure why. Still giving Fox Farms nutes every 4 days. Trying not to mess with it too much but if anyone notices something concerning all input is appreciated!

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You may have spider mites as well. They are much smaller and harder to see, but will leave silky web-like substance on leaves and buds. Examine carefully with magnification.

Could also be water splashing on leaves that dried and left salt residue.

Stay vigilant. You have several more weeks to go.

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Update: more amber pistols, currently treating for aphids (only 2nd day), looks like it’s stretching out, some new white pistols growing, and noticing 2-3 lightly yellowed but completely dried and “crispy leaves” (last picture).

It’s a nice little bonsai version.

She will continue to fatten up the buds. Looks nice. Keep up the good fight.

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Thanks for the support @PP3121! But I’m already seeing signs of another issue. I have some leaves starting to dry at the tip, darken, and go limp. Meanwhile at the top of the plant I have leaves with dark/black splotches.

It looks like a deficiency but its been getting nutes from the fox farms unless its a mineral its missing. I’m debating skipping Fox Farms when I water tomorrow but introducing some CalMag. Or does that sound dumb?