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Hope I’m putting this in the right category but here goes. I’m a beginner really, I have one outdoor in a 5gal bucket right now that is NOT a auto flowering but I’m interested is trying an auto flower (blueberry & super skunk) for my next outside grow :+1: Am I reading correctly that they start to flower no matter what the amount of light vs dark period? One problem I had with this time growing was hiding her from the street lights I have 3 street lights around my house and I finally got her hid behind a big brush and a tarp. So street lights are no problem for auto flowering? And any idea how long they grow from seedling till harvest? Just a rough guess? I love this forum and all the help, TIA

Simple answer, yes, and, correct.

The time frame is an answer that the seed supplier can give you.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

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@Wishbone ,

Here is a little insight on auto and @Aquaponic_Dumme is correct.
Auto plants are pre- programed you can’t force an auto.she will start flowerinweg genetic’s kick in.
Auto-Flowering Vegetative & Flowering Stage

When it comes to choose the best light schedule for growing auto-flowering marijuana strains, it’s a good idea to understand what light schedules are, and how different light schedules affect the way a cannabis plant grows.

All cannabis strains, whether they’re photoperiod or auto-flowering, have two main stages of life: the vegetative (first) stage, and the flowering (second) stage. Think of them as the “children” and “adult” stages of marijuana growth. During the vegetative stage a cannabis plant grows only leaves and stems. In theflowering stage the plant stops growing leaves and stems and starts growing buds/flowers.

Most growers seem to agree that the optimum amount of light to give auto-flowering strains of marijuana is somewhere between 18-24 hours of light a day. When I’ve grown auto-flower plants, I gave them 18 hours of light a day, and 6 hours dark, at least partially because it allowed me to turn the grow lights off during the 6 hottest hours of the day (I live in Southern California where it’s hot most of the year!).

Recommended: 18-24 hours of a light a day

I’ve also seen many great growers give their autos 20, 22 or even 24 hours of light a day.

Hope this helps



@garrigan62 what about growing the autos outside? Do they grow good outside? I’m in southern Oklahoma, would be starting in the late spring probably so wouldn’t have to worry about frost. Thanks for your reply

They seem to average nine weeks from beginning of flower Getting through veg may take longer depending on grow conditions 2-4 weeks of veg. I think 100 days a good idea of length may be shorter or a little longer



The answer to your question is " NO " auto plants finish quick. You time it right you can get two crops posable three if filming is right on.
Aso where you got your seeds at should tell you the plants start to finish times.
You will be fine as far as frost go’s




So you don’t recommend auto flowers for growing outside? I would be ordering the seeds from here @ ilgm

Oh no you can grow out side but timing is everything.plant 4 or 5 auto’s wait week
1/2 plant 4 or 5 more auto’s finish fast 7 to 8 maybe 9 weeks to finish.



Outside autos…

Berry White

The Flav

The one in the foreground is the auto. I tried some LST before I knew anything about autos.


Not your tag is it?

Lol! No. It was my son’s ex wife.


I am so new I haven’t even ordered yet. My question is as a beginner with auto flower white widow is it a good idea to try a Scrog?

Personally, I wouldn’t advise it. You can, some here have, but my attempt is why I believe it yielded so little.

If you have multiple seeds coming, you could try it for yourself on one of them. We’re all about seeing what can work. Tried and true will get you there.

I learn best through overcoming my mistakes…

I will be growing in a green house. Going to try around 20ish plants. Any suggestions would be great as I am still researching as much as possible before I start.

Wow! You’ll be a busy little beaver on your first grow!

Way to just jump in…

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That’s how I roll lol. From what I have read all you need to do with autos is water feed and let them do their thing?

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Depending on what you are growing in will determine how you feed them.

Something like Fox Farm Happy Frog to start in, you really wouldn’t need to feed until she begins to flower. Transplant into a 3gal pot of something like Fox Farm Ocean Forest, wait a week to recover and give a light dose of bloom nutrients. After about 3 more weeks, feed her again.

Remember, this is just a basic idea to go with. I’m new to them as well. I have some ILGM Blueberry autos on the way. Will be familiarizing myself with them a little better. This time I know what I’ll have!

Let me call @Hammer just to make sure I have you going in the right direction. He’s much more qualified than I am.

Read all Robert’s blogs and guides. Have you downloaded his grow bible?


I have down loaded the Bible. I have been reading as much info as possible. I want to get it correct the first time.

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Lol…get it correct the first time! :joy:

My bad. It’s funny to me only because that little s#!+ Murphy lives in my back pocket!

All the planning and reading isn’t gonna be enough…

Patience, one of the hardest things about growing.

The ability to adapt when you’re plan hits some bumps in the road.

Perseverance for when it just seems like no matter what you are doing, things just aren’t going according to plan.

You have a great start by being here willing to ask the questions! It will be great to watch as you progress into your new hobby. I believe it may turn into a passion for you once you find that you can produce better than what you can buy. :wink:

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Murphy’s law never leaves me alone! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: