Auto flowering information

I have read article about autoflowering strains and would good opinion ( information) on this. The info stated that doesn’t matter if you have lights non stop or not and that once the plant reach certain high or age it’s begin to flower. Is think mean that i can put my plant outside exposed to daylight and take inside for the night and just wait for flowering? Would it have to be exposed to the sun or daylight is ok?
Appreciate your advice on this.

Yes you can grow an auto outside easily .

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Thanks Yoshi :grinning:

Just make sure you don’t stress the auto in early vegging , once it sprouts and start growing nodes , after the third node feed it a half strength of grow nutrients ph at 6.0 than week 4 feed a full feeding of nutrients for grow but also add .5 ml of bloom nutrients with the grow and if you can manage that you only have 8 weeks from seed to harvest , 56 days 60 at the most is why your feeding has to be point on so your auto can really fill out full .

Thanks Yoshi :grinning:. Here she is. So far i just been growing in pro soli in the bucket. She’s about 4week’s old.

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Here’s something I’ve been reading on Auto, the plant looks great - good luck

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@Kryspen she is ready for some nutrients , ppm about 1150 and PH 6.0 and see how she responds ?

Hi Yoshi.
I have just give her some nutrients. See how she respond.

Thanks Paranorman, appreciate :grinning:

@Kryspen68 what week your plant is on right now , and what did you feed her nutrient wise ? But if it’s an auto you might have only 4-6 weeks left to harvest .

She’s in her 4 rth week. I give her diluted Thrive, by Yates. It’s for fruit and vegetables, seedling,flowering shrubs and leafy vegetables and indoor pots. I give her 1 gram for 1 litre of water.
It’s possibly the only one i cud find in Australian bunnings. According to the info, it’s complete food for all types of flowering and fruiting plants.
Hope i got it right. Also at the moment i just put her on 12/12 light.

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@Kryspen28 Autoflowers dont need 12/12, 18 6 or even 20/4 works better

Hmm, in this case i going back to 18/6.

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I’ve got my first two auto’s ever and one is starting to flower after about 3 weeks, from what I’ve read it seems to say that since they’re going to flower anyway its best to give them as much energy (light) as possible, mine have always been on 24/0

Thanks Paranorman. I put her back on 18/6. As I have to stick to my stealth grow it would be very hard to have lights for 24 hrs. Just to reasky.

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You can do 16/8 or 14/10 if it’s starting to pre flower and that will help build super sticky heavy resin trichomes and get them buds started quickly .

My Amnesia Haze and Blueberry auto I grew thru winter was my last grow , couldn’t believe the wieght and quality I got from 2 auto flowers one sativa dominant and one indica dominant ?

Grown in a 2x2x5 tent , no training , in a 3 gallon bucket with my version of layer soil , using ILGM nutrient boosters and Advance Sensi Bloom A & B with the grandmaster level of additives and yielded almost 9 ounces with the two plants , the sativa plant in the front is the amnesia haze which finished first and the plant with the bigger fatter leaves is the blueberry indica dominant that did really grow with the auto traits but it was by far the best smoke I’ve had ever , harvested at 40% Amber and it was a really dark color bud , but very oily and heavy resin when smoked , but smooth and very tasteful of the berry taste .

Wow, they look absolutely great :grinning:. I’m absolutely beginner into this and it’s a bit learning. Possibly my next grow will improve after this one. Wish I have grow tent, but unfortunately it’s not possible. She have to stay in grow bucket so the grow and the crop will not be big. My goal is to make oil from indica to fix some health problems.