Auto flowering feminized sour diesel outdoor grow


Planning on starting a few seeds tonight or tomorrow, using ten gallon breathable non woven pots for all. Honestly looking for some wisdom on what to do setting up something that will keep animals from eating my plants. Will be Lst’ing, topping, and anything else I can do to keep this a legit stealth grow. Will be starting this inside under 600w mh bulb, 20/4 lighting, natural fertilizer tea for nutes along with a few other things I give to them. I live in NC so people can figure on the Temps and humidity I’ll be coping with. North Carolina is a illegal state to possess marijuana not to mention grow several plants. Probation officers come to my house once a month for a home visit, so I cannot state enough times how low key this operation must be. Will be posting many pictures for anyone that would like to tag along and share info from pass experiences. This is my first outdoor grow so things will be learn as I go.



Happy growing I hope everything works out for you with the monthly visits


Welcome to the forum @Whyteboy1994 I’m a fellow NC grower on opposite end of the state. I’m a outside grower myself. Not going to drop any seeds till about the last week of the month. Shouldn’t be a chance of frost after Easter.

Lots of knowledge and people around here ready to help if you need it.


You mean marijuana


I would say you pushing your luck if you can go to jail and you have reg visits from the Pinkertons do you have a family and kids bad idea


North Carolina here too…and the weather here? Welcome to North Carolina and it’s crazy weather …have seen all four seasons in one week! Good luck with the grow…grew the sour diesel last year and it was awesome


Well I’ve be in the system my whole life, the law enforcement is clue less as to what I’ve got going on just started my own small business, currently own my own home with two acres. In other words I’m in the process of getting off and they’ve pretty much realized that I’ve got my life together and I’m staying outta trouble. Perfect time for a stealth grow outside, well time to get prepared for one anyways. I’ve been practicing inside with auto flowering feminized blue dream I’ll post some pictures afterwards I think it’s around day five of flowering I’d have to check the calender that’s in the grow room. I’ve always know you could get a better yield from planting outside, but as you can read it’s been too risky for me to do so. When would you start introducing and auto to sun light I feel like the sooner the better for maximum growth, right? Would I need some chicken wire at the base for rabbits, squirrels, and deer.


Ive never had any trouble with deer eating anything. I think the bears keep them away. I grow in 7 gal soft pots rabbits never bothered them.


what part of NC @Sittingbull64


Welcome to the forum @Whyteboy1994 I hope your outside grow is successful. You can grow trees out there!


Between the blue Ridge Mountains…and Charlotte…


I’m west of you then in the smokies … I never run in to any one from NC on these forums. Today I run in to 2 lol
Welcome to the forum @Sittingbull64


That is awesome…yes I have been here 54 years…visit a store in black Mountain often to get supplys


oh ok I got ya, I found a good shop west of there but its a drive for me. Nothing close by in my neck of the woods.


This place carries fox farm products and their prices are great…amazon gets 30 and up a bag of ffof and they have it for $18.50…and yeah it’s a 45 to an hour drive for me but we’ll worth it


And I see your like me, a ground grower…I have tried the inside but I’m a in the dirt man!


Call me cheap but sun light is free and the plants love it…


Well if your cheap then I’m cheaper…can’t beat the sun power…but I do dabble with one inside just to have something to do in the winter… and I love this sight…I have been growing for over 35 years and I still learn quite a bit on here…bunch of great people… and their seeds? Well to me can’t get any better…


Good to hear the animals don’t get curious with your crops, I would hate to return to nothing but twigs. I live close to the beach so not to many bears out here, they’re some around here but not many.