Auto Flowering and THC

Do auto flowering plants have the same THC content?

Nope. Usually 5-10% less THC than a non-auto feminized plant @deepdownsouth.

depends on the strain and genetics. Now a days a lot of the autos have the same thc, example would be ILGMs White Widow, both the Autoflower and the None Auto are listed at 19% thc. I have seen some strains elsewhere that differ by a few % points., but nothing drastic…

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Do you mean if normal is 16% Thc content u will have 6% with auto flower? or do you mean 5-10% less of the 16%. hope this makes sence.Because 10% content is huge.

Thanks for the heads up.

If it’s 16% thc for a non- auto then it would be around 14% for the auto. I grow both and I can’t tell the difference.