Auto flowering and Nutes

I thought I would pose this question, as the most recent topics didn’t really address the questions I have.

I am contemplating buying some auto flowers, just to see how they perform.

When it comes to nutes, I’m unsure about how and when to switch from veg to bloom nutes.

I’m currently using Botanicare, which is pretty simple on regular grows, as you switch nutes from grow to bloom when you change the light cycle.

I grow in coco, if that helps. I’m just wondering, do I do the Veg nutes until flowering begins? Do I switch to bloom nutes earlier?

I want to make sure they get the proper nutes throughout the full growth cycle.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I just switch when I see the first signs of flowering, what might be called pre-flowers in regular photo-period strains, but in autos, they will steadily continue to show more and more the signs of full flowering, steadily, there after.

Also, I kind of use a steady, and more “flowering” ratio leaning type NPK, the entire grow anyway, à la the “Lucas” formula.

Hope this helps,


@MacGyverStoner, thanks much. That is exactly the info I was searching for, and will take the method advice into account.

I’m about to start flowering on my three Strawberry Kush, as they are growing at a rate that is amazing. If the other ILGM strains perform like those, I’m sold

I’m thinking I would order and try some White Widow autos and see how they turn out.

Thanks again for the continued guidance. :smile: