Auto-flowering amnesia haze not germinating

Hi, everyone I am a newbie grower and new to the forum.

I have auto flower amnesia haze seeds. I have been trying to germinate almost 2 weeks. I first started with jilly peat pellets, for a good week, and nothing then I research more and videos to find how or what I am going wrong. I first did two seeds to germinate and nothing.
I did third new seed for the third time, put it in fresh water with the two seeds. The two seeds sink at the bottom and the new seed was floating, after a few hours later, it sinks to the bottom.
the first two seeds at first, originally was in peat pellets, plus a drop of root stimulator, thinking it would go a bit quicker since I have been waiting for a week.
I took the same two seeds transfer in fresh water in a cup, then and the third new seed. I soak them another few hours and nothing.
Now, I put them all together separately in a damp paper towel into a zip lock bag above my fridge cupboard. I do have a grow light system.The bulb I have is 150-watt HPS with 16,0000 lumens. I was to put it under my grow light room, but since NO LIGHT yet. I just did the old school way water, paper towel and Ziplock.

The third seed seems to have a small crack tip at the end and I think I see a little white seam on the seed.
Is this mean my third seed will germinate,? then the other two seeds?
The first two seeds before is much dark and smaller than the third seed twice the size I say.

Can someone help me and let me know why did I do wrong?
Is the third seed germinating? even though its a bit swell from all the process I was doing,
Did transfer the seeds to pellets them to the water affect in a way?
lastly, damp paper towel with ziplock will work with all the transferring I have been doing. or the strain of amnesia haze seed is the slowest germinating than other auto-flowering seeds?

please help every comment counts!
cheers mates!

First welcome to ILGM.

OK should have put thiem in water first when they drop place them in paper towel as you have.
It sounds like they may be ready to pop.
Hope thy do.


Try soaking in fresh water for a few days until they crack open. Longer you leave in water more they open. Mine took like a good 4-5 days to open nicely but they are a few years old… You said one cracked open a lil, id leave it in water. The paper towel method works good just gotta check on them often and i leave in a dark cool spot and always damp and get 3-4 inch roots… Try putting your seeds that are in water in a warm spot or under light. Helps alot with the water method. Just my 2 cents. Good luck

Keep those suckers damp, but not too damp.
Those peet pellets dry out way to quick for my personal approach.

first soaking for for24 hours is fine don’t put them in a bag or in the fridge . take them from the water put in moist paper towel in a warm dark place keep the towel moist .when the root pops her little tail out put it in cup off no nutrient soil at least 70 degrees about a quarter inch under the soil and put your cfl light 4 inches above it to keep soil warm then she should pop be careful don’t touch with your hands .hope it helps :sunglasses:

Hi, everyone thanks for responding to my issues.

I restart, with clean hands and put fresh water. The paper towel damp in a
zip lock,
Seems to not working well. No progress or no changes yet. It been almost
two weeks.
Is this strain is a very slow process?

Does anyone have this strain. What strain is good for beginners?

What can root simular hurt the seeds if it’s drop in there instead of plain

What temperature should be the water?
My is cold, but I put a heating pad underneath . So it can warm up.

Do you think interrupting it from paper towel to cup of water ruin it to

Thanks everyone keep comments coming!

soak in room temp. water in a cup for 24 hours then to wet paper towel moist don’t drown them but keep moist in dark place until a little tail c0me out then gently put in potting soil with no nutrients water with spray bottle under 40 watt florescent light soil temp 70 degrees should pop up :sunglasses: