Auto flower will not flower?

Has anyone had issues like this before? The plant is going on 3.5 months old? The strain is Sour Diesel, and should have been flowering at 8 weeks. Also my WWA grew tall but the buds just never did fill out, the hairs all turned amber, but the buds never fattened up. I am a new grower and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Photos are of the white widow last week.


i don’t have much to offer… newer grower but i am curious to follow. i had an auto go over 100 days stuck in preflower that was outdoors. folks suggested i get it to 12/12 to flip it as sometimes the ruderalis genes are essentially weaker in some plants than others. i couldn’t do that cuz it was outside.

what light schedule are you running? are you in a tent?

and this is happening to two plants? make sure you actually got autos.

Thanks for the response! I actually am having trouble in only one plant not flowering at all. The two WWA are budding out, but the buds are not enlarging. The current light schedule is at 18/6.

This is the Sour Diesel plant in question.

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Try 12/12 if you can get them sealed off into total darkness. that’s all i got. let’s see what others say.


There in flower the beginning stages

@GAlex what are the picture the sourD ? Or the white ?

The top pics are White, the pic in my later post is Sour D

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If it’s not the sourD can you get a pic of it ?

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Are your white as big as the sourD it looks great I would put them all at 12-12 if there in the same area but that looks like it will be a big girl

Are you sure they are autos ? Have to ask

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No, the white are about three weeks older actually, and they are much smaller. All have been on the same regimens for fertilizers too until the flowering started in the WW.

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I bought them as autos . . .

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Yeah that’s a auto flower for you it happens they can get big if they like it there crazy I have grown 100 and have never had 2 a like

autos all can have different gene makeups. they’re not predictable and i guess some need a push to flip.

here are two of mine next to each other, same conditions, seeded same time. never got the big one to flip. and the “smaller” one was hardly small.


Yeah there crazy there fun but I don’t rely on them for my meds

mine was pure heartbreak. spent hundreds feeding and trying to take care of her, pulling her in from storms even after 5 feet tall… finally had to give her away. scared me off autos. i’ll consider one again if i have a closet or bathtub or something where i can’t seal out the light leaks, but as i’ve learned, even that’s a crap shoot.


That’s why I put them outside if it rains they get water if it don’t they die That’s not 100% true I take care of them a little but I don’t feed them and let the ground do it all


are they ILGM? check the labels just to make sure. they’ll have an A in the text after the strain abbreviation.

that may be the only way i’d try it again. but i got such junky buds after all the @#! i went through that i’m not sure it’s worth it. too hot and humid here. i got 8oz off my blueberry in like 100 jars. it’s all fluff. and the main cola probably would’ve been at least 3 oz and it was all rotted. that being said… gonna hit it now. it still does smoke nice :slight_smile: