Auto flower White widow going into week 5 not flowering

I have a white widow autoflower growing in 50/50 Coco/ pearlite inside 4×4 grow room under 2-1000 w led lights, feeding with GH trio plus Cal mag plant is doing great using scrog and last. My issue is it’s not flowering yet. Running 24 hr lights 77%@ 40% rh. Is this normal seed from ilgm. I just passed week 4 going into 5

24 hour lighting may be the culprit.

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Thanks I’ll drop to 20/4 see what happens. First time with these autos they are healthy as can be though

Some autos aren’t quick to switch to bloom. Unless you’re in a rush, no need to push her. There is nothing wrong with an auto vegging for several weeks.

You definitely want to give your plants a few hours of darks a day. If your plant won’t flower, you can try flipping to 12/12; it will still probably take 2 weeks after the flip to see budlets start.

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I had a wwa take 3 months to flower. Drop light to 16/8 then first sign of flowering drop to 12/12. That’s how I run my autos and pull 10+ ounces everyt

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Sounds like a plan ty