Auto flower....when should I remove plastic cover

Hello… I have a good question for you… When do you remove the sulphate covers off… I thought you might want to remove the cover off the babies when they are popping up…This is my first time with auto’s… Any advice on this would be great… Thanks😀

Personnaly, has soon has it sprouted and welcome to ILGM forum @Woodmanusa

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Thank you…I took the covers off the one’s that have popped up…Did not want to do anything to slow them down… And thanks for the welcome…


You’re welcome :innocent:

I have 8 of 10 up…Small but looking good…I am on 24/7 now and was going to be going to 21/3 for 3 weeks then hopefully we will have some bud action… what I am asking is should I do a 12/12 or stay at 21/3??? When I start to see flower???Thank you very much…Thomas…

I run mine on 18/6 whole way through the grow. There autoflowers so they aren’t on a light schedule. So run 18/6 to give them some rest time plus you save more money on electricity. Good luck

Thank you very much😁

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Np man but if I could give you the biggest advice is to read read read. You need to learn atleast the basics and get kinda a grasp on every part of the plants life from germ to curing it will save you tons of trouble. I did research extensively for like 4 months before I did anything then I just used some bag seed as experiments to get to where I was confident in not overwatering. But we will be here if you need us regardless @Woodmanusa

@Woodmanusa welcome to the number one forum on the Internet you came to the right place my friend I have grown quite a few autos and have a few more going I will be more than happy to help you with anything you need @ and then the person’s name you can get a hold of anyone good luck my friend holler if you need anything 18 on and 6 off is perfect will save on your light bill a little bit I personally think they need a little dark time

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You could try the more aggressive light cycle, which is what I was doing for a while.

4 hours on and 2 hours off, 4 hours on and 2 hours off, 4 hours on and 2 hours off, 4 hours on and 2 hours off.


6 hours on and 2 hours off, 6 hours on and 2 hours off, 6 hours on and 2 hours off.

Both work. I personally used them with great success. I grew hydroponically though, in DWC.


Thank you all for your help… I have had several good grows with great success…First time to do autos…Things are looking good… Have a 600 watt set up…gonna go led when they get here… Thanks…T

Then your gold man they are some fast growing little girls that can produce you’ll have fun with ha ha to go to Good growing have fun

Thank you for your help… Funny I use to have hogs when I was living in Tenn…:sunglasses: