Auto flower vs “traditional” seeds

So I am just wondering if there are benefits to using autoflower seeds vs a traditional seed? I have not used them but seen a lot of ppl use them. I still find it odd to use a seed that does not grow traditionally, no need to adjust light exposure, etc. Thanks in advance!

That’s what I’m growing right now. The only real benefit I see from them is some you can harvest in 70-90 day. Where as a photo plant you’re looking at 4-5 months til harvest. Also, if you have trouble keeping your grow area completely dark, autos would be the way to go. I see a lot of people on here growing autos and they’re small, that’s because when they see first sign of flower, they switch to bloom nutes. I continue the grow nutes for a bit and grow monsters compared to the description. Says wwa get about 24" all my white widow auto have been huge


@HornHead, do you use the grow nutes throughout flowering till harvest? If not, at what point do you switch to bloom nutes?

I saw a few decent growers (sorry cant remember who) continue using grow nutes thru first two weeks of flower on autos. They slowly (about 10% at a time) ramped the grow nutes down in favor of the bloom.

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I tried that this time when I seen pis told I did a veg feed then did a 1 part veg 1 part bloom nuts. It seems to be working ok. I’ve always heard they need the veg nuts until the stretch is done

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I normally use veg nutes for the first few weeks of pre flower. Mainly because i forget I need to switch. I never thought about any effects it may have. All my autos have been at least 40" tall though. I am in coco with the flora trio for nutes.

Exactly what I do also, you do not need flowering nutes until you have real flowers to feed. Remember a lot is happening during the stretch and the plant is growing rapidly and still needs adequate nitrogen to complete its functions. After the stretch when the plant is really starting to flower is when I slowly introduce flowering nutes by ramping down the veg and upping the bloom over a period of 2 weeks or so. I also keep using my 6500k lights during the flip as this helps keep the stretch to a minimum.

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The auto I have now would not quit stretching, it fills up my little 18"x36" tent. I was gonna send a pic but they’re all on the forum, not my phone