Auto flower stretching durigduring flowerung


Do any of you auto farmers experience a flowering stretch. If so, and I realize it’s different in all situations, how any inches does it stretch say on a 12" plant. I don’t want to move it but may need to adjust for my light. I’d care not to have to. Happy Saturday.


Hey welcome to the forum! I don’t grow autos but I knew a few that do.


I have to break out the home improvement tools if they do. Don’t really care to this weekend. Thanks thought. Have a good one.


I’m going photo next. Not enough on these midgets.


Autos will streach just like any other plant during preflower period
If looking lights are keeeped to close they may stall and be small and bushy tho fyi
Practicing good growing practices you can have a 3 -4 foot plant or taller


What do you mean country by practices. My plant is four weeks and about 14 inches. It has been doing wonderfully. What is the average height of a NL at four weeksif you would?


I was referring to keep lights at proper distances and proper care for you ladies
When issues arise it will slow growth which will affect end results especially with autos because you cant extend veg times to aid in recovery @Mparham
Here read this

The Northern Lights autoflower strain of marijuana is quite easy to grow, although of course making sure its climate and environment are ideal will help increase the yield to being as high as possible. It is highly resistant to diseases, making for an excellent strain for beginners to try growing.

Northern Lights prefers a sunny Mediterranean climate. The plant itself is somewhat small and compact (like many autoflowering strains), measuring in at between 24 and 32 inches tall. The flowering period is around 56 days on average, and the yield is fairly high – you can expect somewhere around 4 ounces of marijuana per 3 square feet of plant.

I pulled the above off the seed bank web site fir you buddy


Thanks. I don’t have a perfect condition environment. I can only give it the best I can with what I have. Common sense tells me just do the best you can and what will be is what it is. I suppose the only way to learn to grow learn as you go. It’s like expecting your first child. You do the best you can. Lol


Exactly bro
As long as you do the best you can you’ll be fine all the numbers everyone throws around are best case scenario
Youll be fine tag me info your journal @Mparham


Here is my child. Great light. Heating pad. Small heater with a fan. Isn’t she beautiful? We’re thinking of having another one. Lol


She looks happy :smiley:
You doing fine @Mparham keep doing what you are and you be alright
What size is that pot ?


Still dosnt have her baby teeth yet.
Couldn’t resist saying that. Laughter is still my favorite medicine.


Not to big dude. 1 gallon I think. Mistake #1. My how you learn.


Yes sir
Can you order from amazon if so the cloth pots are great i use either 2 gallon or 3 gallon pots dor autos
You can get a five pack fairly cheap under 20$


I can and will. I lol just let her go this go round. Sometime it’s best to let a sleeping dog lie.


Here look at these @Mparham


I’ll add to this maybe look at the smart pot cloth pots. I’ve used a couple different brands and I’m going back to smart pot. I like their feel and their design better, just my 2 cents.


You may have saved her that suggestion. Dude I’m glad you showed up this morning. Awesome


I have a white widow auto and they are all ending up 2 to 3 ft tall after the stretch


My last grow included an ILGM Northern Light. Her leaves and growth pattern looked like a Sativa and she was three feet tall at harvest. Other autos I’ve grown can stretch up to 2 feet in flower.