Auto-flower Seeds?

I’m not sure if this is normal since it was only my second grow but are autoflowers supposed to have seeds? No male plants around anywhere but upon breaking up the first bud there was a big ol seed just sitting there.

Good question will be interesting to see some of the answers. I have seen that but cannot explain it.

ah ok the one I found so far is large but very light in color with almost no markings though it doesn’t pop when I squeeze it. Might try it just for cause when I get that far just didn’t think you could get seeds from autos so I didn’t even pay attention once I started seeing flowers. Just hoping its not a hermie.

also come to think of it I figure I should mention, that plant, I did accidentally break half a branch off during veg with LST and a second branch during flower when moving it around to water. So that’s probably what would have caused it.

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@ThcHemplar auto threw a pollen sack huh?

Hard to spot sometimes, especially if there is only one or two. I check constantly but cant see 360 degrees around the whole plant.

Yeah, I didn’t know that was a thing so I didn’t think to keep an eye out. I thought they only formed from light leaks (or low temps) and figured autos at least wouldn’t have light issues? Either way I’ll now keep a closer eye. Just need to figure out what specifically I’m looking for and or how to “handle” it.

The forum “Search” feature is the best thing I use here.
Upper right of this page just click on the magnifying glass.
Search for terms like… “Hermie” or “Nanners” or “Balls” or “Stressed Plants” Things like that.
You will find hours of reading and experiences.

in my very limited experience, with the autos from ILGM Ive noticed that if you cut, trim, or try and snip on them at all, they will throw a pollen sack.

LST works great, but anything involving you removing healthy leaves or stems usually makes them throw.

Thats just my experience though.

Oh ok I’ll keep that in mind. I did just snip the bottom set of branches off my current plant because they were too small and just not getting any light so we’ll see if that was a bad idea. However, I can’t say I currently use their seeds. I’m trying to swap to ILGM since they have a ton of options and a friendly community. Not to mention the ones I’m using seem to vary a lot for what should be the “same thing”. But either way I just haven’t been able to make it that far yet.

If its an Auto that may have caused it to throw a pollen sack.
Thats my experience anyway.

ILGM has a great community online, and the seeds I’ve ordered I’ve been quite happy with. I would do business with them again.