Auto flower seedlings light schedule

Turn veg switch on and bloom switch off on led light or both of them on? How many hours per day

Is it a cob light

Eighteen on, 6 off.


No sir it’s a Vitraspectra full spectrum LED light model ?V1200 with Veg and bloom. Should I have both veg and bloom turned on?

My LED is the Vitraspectra V1200 full spectrum with both Veg and Bloom. Do I keep both of them on my autoflower Bruce Banner seedlings?

Bloom isn’t really necessary during veg, but the line between veg and flowering for autos can be blurred. The light is underpowered, so I would run both veg and bloom.

These are amnesia haze autoflower I only have a thousand adjustable light and I’ve run them full spectrum after they attained their third set of leaves 18 and 6

So you do the veg light only at first?

Thank you