Auto Flower seed- harvest times


HI all I have a question about auto flowering plants , plant in question is the white widow Auto Flower and where it says “Flowering Period”- 56 days is that from seed to harvest?


Yes it will grow straight threw so make sure it’s in its final pot , and 20-4 light schedule will work .


um I don’t think I understand completely… seed germinates and 56 days later (give or take a week) my white widow auto flower should be at prime maturity??


Yes that’s it , 11 weeks from day of sprout from what I understand . My next purchase will incorporate 2 strains of auto’ s , and see how timely that would be for a perpetual grow . Than in a few grows , I’ll purchase maybe the bc northern lights bloom box and roommate with dryer box .


ok sweet, thanks Yoshi. oh by the way hows Mario doing? haha. but seriously what is this “the bc northern lights bloom box and roommate with dryer box” got a link I can go too, just to check it out??


will the cold affect my plant? its winter here in Australia so im thinking about planting it outside as I have no room in my tent…

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Ive grown the white widow auto from here 4 times in the past 9 months or so. I find Day 70 - 80 to be about right for harvest. You might be able to get them to finish faster. But you will be cheating yourself out of a better yield. To get them to finish in 56 days - you would have to switch over to flowering lights/nutes well before the plant has reached its maximum size. Im not an expert - but I think its fair to say that generally, bigger plants produce bigger buds.


I just realized this post was in the outdoor section. Ive only grown indoors. I would think it would be even harder to get them to finish quickly outdoors.


The days until finish is a guideline. You do not harvest by counting days. You harvest by reading the color of the Thrichomes. Once Trichomes are have turned from clear to cloudy, and then amber20-50% (a matter of choice), you can harvest them


it’s looks like it’s gone take off , first day into flower .


But is there not one giant variable - that being when you switch to flowering nutes? If you switch in say week 4 (which to harvest in 56 days and to have cloudy trichomes by then, you would have to do) you will likely have a plant that is also in the posted height range of the ILGM White Widow Auto of I believe 18-23 inches tall - as switching to flower nutes will end the Veg phase and stop the plants vertical growth correct? But if you wait to switch and keep feeding Veg nutes - the plant will continue to grow at a rate of an inch or more per day, given it is in a 3+ gallon container anyhow, and that growth can continue weeks 4-6. My first ever grow was ILGM White Widow Auto - and it ended up being 53 inches tall and yielding almost 3 oz. that I harvested on Day 80. Following advice I got on, I didnt switch to flower nutes until the explosive vertical growth slowed, sometime in week 7 - and I didnt harvest until the fan leaves had yellowed and the buds had soaked up all their nutrients and gotten nice and fat. So you can grow autos for their speed if you want. Or you can let them grow to achieve their full potential too.


ok guys thanx for the info but I do need to know if the cold is going to affect my plant. It is nearly winter here in Australia so should I just hold of until spring?


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I would. Not sure how cold it gets there. But obviously any frost would be a killer - and I believe I read you want temps to be above 60F.


If you cannot keep night time temps above 50 f, I would hold off.


ok thanx guys ill hold off cause at the moment its been around 10 degrees C so that’s about 50 f and its only autumn. so its going to get betwwen 8 and 10 degrees C colder so I might just order them and hold of on planting them until spring

Once Again Thankyou latewood and PaulieWalnuts Beens big help saving my beans from certain death