Auto flower reveg?

Hey guys, have a friend with a couple of Ilgm auto seeds dropped into a veggie garden.

Not sure which strain as they got all put in one ziploc for storage. They have been surrounded by bigger plants and shaded out, and I believe they have been planted a bit late in spring.

Both pics below are the same plant. Any ideas why that new shoot shot up? Advice on a course of action is also appreciated. Haven’t the buds below when ready and let the rest flower out???

Looking at the buds I worry about a hermie…

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Got me, I try to stay away from them. My dad has grown a couple though.


More than likely she is going to continue growing. I never heard of a Auto revegging. I grow my Autos on a 12/12 start to finish.


Just to be clear, that’s a stalk growing out of an already flowering auto. If that’s the case, harvest the flowers when they are done and see if the new growth will flower. What do you have to lose?


neat stuff, won’t know til it grows out, i’m looking forward to what’s going to happen!


Have never seen something like that… as oldmarine suggests, harvest lowers when ready, and I’ll be sitting next to monkman as to seeing where this is going …:sunglasses::v:


I say leave it and see what happens lol

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Why do you grow your autos under 12/12 instead of 18/6? You’re robbing yourself out of buds.

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I have the same thing happening right now one indoor and one outdoor. Both produced buds and I thought I had some good ones but they quickly started revegging. I was able to get some bud but I have let them grow and one is starting To flower and the outdoor looks shrubby but wtf I am curious to see what happens.

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