Auto flower questions?!?!

So had the one plant that wouldn’t switch from pre flower to full flower. Was told to 12/12 it and it did start flowering. However I had a younger plant in the same tent vegging, and was told it should keep begging and stay in veg not swap over. Is this true? @Graysin @LearnasUgrow @MattyBear @BobbyDigital here is what she looks like now. Any notices or way to tell if she’s staying true veg or trying to change?


Are you seeing any small whispy white hairs near growth sites?

Autos will flower when they are ready to flower, regardless of light schedule.


Hy welcome to the community @kjcarr24
Like @Borderryan22 said autos do they things went they want without light scheduled

Maybe you plant can be genetic mutant like some come with variegation genetics


I don’t see any issues with light

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Yes I think so not 100% sure


This is what I’m referring to, I suggest taking a pic close up like this^

ILGM AK47 Photo



I am only on my first grow so I can only speak for the experience that I have with my own plants but looking at the size of it I would try to keep begging this one, I would think that if you kept that girl in the same tent with the others it will flower but you won’t get much of a yield, if you want to keep that one vegging while the others flower I would separate their light schedules (18/6 & 12/12) I’m sure a more experienced grower will be able to give their opinion….but if it’s getting 12/12 and it’s sexually mature, it’ll try to get the flower going

Let’s see… these are some growers I’ve learned a lot from on this forum,

@spankyjr1 @OGIncognito @PurpNGold74 @Hellraiser @MidwestGuy @Myfriendis410


Looks like the stretching veg after the flip so I’ll say yes it looks like it’s starting to flower.

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Just wait it out my gorilla glue was this big( plus 5 more days ) until she went into flower. Flowering is more of a genetics and growth dependant that’s why Good auto genetics let the plants veg longer or you end up with a runt like the twizzlers on the right from a 3rd party breeder( pic taken 3.5-4.5 weeks in)


Pistils are visible in the second pic. You’re flowering


Agree with @GreenSnek . You mentioned keeping them in veg, with autos that’s not up to the cultivator :love_you_gesture:


Some autos fail to contain the Ruderalis gene and have to be treated as photoperiod. Just genetics.


Will it even produce anything decent?

Will the small plant produce anything decently?

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Sometimes the runts will surprise you. I’ve had a few of the same strain growing and 1 turns out to be a runt. Think of it as kids in a family, some tall, short, fat or skinny but the same parents. When I have 1 or a few growing slower or will be shorter than the others, I’ll put them on pot risers to keep them all at the same height to get even light distribution :love_you_gesture:


I like that idea! So it’s definitely worth keeping in the tent vs starting a new baby when I get another light

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Absolutely Brother! She might end up being the “Rock Star”! Definitely put her up on a booster seat and watch her fill out like the others :love_you_gesture:

What’s your light schedule. I run my autos 18/6 after 10-12 days of the seedling stage. I’ve experimented with autos and several light schedules, 18/6, 12/12, 6/2, 14/10. 18/6 seems to work out the best🤟


Greetings and thank you for your time,
I have had several runts on my first and present grow. The pics show the out come of nursing and patience. First pic showed the beginning of the plant as a Worley, the leaves showed mosaic tobacco virus. Still produced.

Second pick is what a runt could up ending like, raised up to the canopy.

These are two showing ?? Should I take a chance :thinking:. Auto’s have their own mind as Forest Gump said sometimes its like a box of chocolates you never know what you get, this is very true when growing auto’s. You will get good beautiful girls but if you seek them all to be identical, this will not happen. I am sticking to auto’s they are fun to raise them.
Thanks for your time.

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