Auto flower plants say what

So can I take my auto flowers in for the night under 160 watt lights until the next morning for regular light outside. 5 plants

You can. Autos don’t care what light schedule they’re on.


Lol it really does produce like that huh? What’s the best way to optimize yield then? Just hope for the best?

Using fox farm and 5 gallon buckets no fertilizer yet just started em 2.5 weeks ago

Food and light. Autos that I have grown were not heavy feeders so its best to ease into nutrients when the time comes. It does help to give them some dark period as the plants do grow in the dark periods. Not sure if you were planning to move them inside during dark to give them 24hrs of light but I’d still give them at least 4-8 hrs of rest. Especially if they’re out in the natural grow light in the sky all day.


I guess that leaves me with another question…could you do the same thing with regular seeds and get a good outcome

In my 4x4 with 2 GG autos under a 600mh and 1000w KingLED I have them on a 6/2 light schedule, in my 5x5 with a new hlg 600rspec I have 3 GG autos on a 12/12 schedule…all seem to be doing well besides a couple I let the ph get a lil outta hand I think cuz they’re weird compared to the rest

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You mean photos , you can’t give them extra light or they’ll reveg , I recommend auto growers to give mr fulvic a shot it increases nutrient uptake which leads to a bigger faster grow burst, otherwise I’d just let them be outside and do their thing .


Yes I use mr fulvic…i believe you might be the one that suggested it @GreenSnek

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Most likely , it especially shines when it comes to flower time, i mean just look at that tangerine dream main cola 7 inches wide GORGEOUS


@GreenSnek @JamJam What is Mr.Fulvic?

Fulvic acid(it also has some super amino acids added too) which is a fancy form of humic acid which is the natural compound found when plant material breaks down , and acts to assist the next generation of plants, fulvic has extra special properties like if you use it in your foliar spray tests show that it activates photosynthesis response even in the dark but I just use it to boost root growth/uptake

@GreenSnek Ahhh Humic Acid I know of…So use this in a foliar at night? and can you make a cocktail of it for the roots then?

1 ml added to my feed water every week

Hmm I wonder if that’s the same for out door?

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About 5 weeks(maybe at bit more, taken 2 days ago) I’m thinking about 2 weeks till I start to see some flowering