Auto flower pics with how many days in

@wonpoke why did you prune your Auto buddy?

And do you start counting at beginning of flowering or are you going by how long your seed company said the plant will be ready in (which is completely inaccurate)?

ILGM GDPA 23 days. 2 days lst


GGA week 2.


I’m following the guides from my ILGM and using their fertilizers exclusively. Following their guides and the pruning only took the leaves that weren’t getting any light anyway I read a lot before I started to prune but they’re turning out pretty well.


The one that’s touching the light got a little leggy because she was the runt and I thought she had reached her height so I moved the light up a little bit and she raced up to it. In looking at the plants, I believe she’s about 2 weeks behind her sister even though they were germinated and sprouted at the same time I monitor pH and water levels daily they’re happy I talk to them all the time lol.

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I’ve got white widow germinating right now and one northern lights autoflower but the white widow I got I thought I ordered autoflower and it came labeled feminized so my grow time and my learning curve just increased I believe lol. It’s an adventure man.