Auto flower outdoor grow


Okay so I just popped. Bean for a northern lights auto. I wanna grow outside , school me.


You can download the grow bible on this sight, you can read the blogs, maybe give us a bit more info


Ya I agree download the Grow Bible loads of info.

Tlkbear, how ya doing my friend haven’t seen you for a bit. Hope everything is good with ya

B Safe


Have the bible, read it. Just looking for anyone’s experiences that helped or hindered them. Going with compost and perlite for soil. Any thoughts


You can start with the fox farms ocean mix and take it from there


im doing alot better the RSO that i was makeingreally helped the liver. i even started to work some again at my old job



Right on Tlkbear that’s really good news I’m happy for ya buddy.
I’ll pick this talk UP IN A message to ya OK. We shouldn’t or I should not have interrupted this gentleman s thread . I’ll send yyou a message tomorrow




I do apologize for interrupting your ttread.
Here is am link on soil

Hope this helps

B Safe