Auto Flower origin?

I was just wondering. Does the origin of your auto flowering seeds have anything to do with the ruderalis species?

yes it does. But I am not official,lol.

I think all autoflowers are mixed with ruderalis, that’s what makes them determinate

All of the ones I have bought have been at least 5% and some have as much as 10% ruderulas… the ruderulas is actually hemp and hemp blooms or flowers depending on age not hours of light and temp changes brought on by mother nature

Your exactly rich and its those traits that have been bred into sativa and Indica strains which give you autos. Or at least that’s what I read

I read the ruderalis evolved in the northern and arctic regions, where they have wacky light schedules, and early ruderalis developed the ability to flower automatically because the light cycles weren’t long enough to trigger flowering in regular photoperiod plants.

That eskimo weed lol

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 So, I want to get this straight. From what I've read, ruderalis is very low in thc content. How do you breed that with something with a high content without compromising the qualityof the good stuff? I have a friend that received some clones that he was told were northern lights. As soon as I saw them you could tell they were different than a normal plant. Once they were harvested and cured he smoked some and it was no good.

It just depends on the genetics… one of my friends about 15 years ago got some northern lights 90 day auto. The first year it was super strong 3 or 4 hits and it would literally lay you down but he bred it with some bag seeds and every year you could tell that it wasn’t as good as the previous year.


Your answer is… yes

Additionally, the wild ancestor of auto-flowering plants (“Ruderalis” hemp) grows in the northern parts of Russia and may naturally experience nearly 24 hours of light a day in the summer. So it’s not crazy to think that auto-flowering strains will also do well on 24 hours light/day.

Hope this helps