Auto flower or photo period?

I recently got these seeds from a friend of mine who just happened to run into them and chucked them in some soil hoping for the best. As soon as they sprouted I caught the bug and growing has been just awesome for me the past month.

I have done a fair bit of research on auto flowers and photoperiod plants and am unsure as to what mine would be. This concerns me because where I live the sunlight is currently 12/12 and do not want to send my plant into flower too early. Is it possible to tell a difference just from looking at it visually?

My plant is approximately 40 days old and have topped it once and am currently performing LST.


Considering how you came about them it is unlikely they are autoflower! So I would say you need to approach them as photo and be looking for signs of a male which may start around 40 days but probably a little early still! Also could be from a hermied female which isn’t good either!
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Cheers, I have done a bit of research into identifying males and females, pistils and pollen sacks etc and am hoping and praying for mine to be female. I do have my hopes up though as the nodes are stacked together quite closely and the smell of the foliage is quite violent. But of course you can never really be sure until flowering so hoping for the best

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I swore by those same metrics as to the sex of my last three “street schwag” seed grow
attempts. 6 of 9 showed me their balls in short order and weren’t shy about it either.
As for the last 3, I’m still waiting to see. Again, they are looking very uniformed but that is
how the last 6 turned out. I think 1 seedling won’t make it to the sexing stage but the other
two are showing some gusto and umph in the growing process. I’ll know in a week or two.

As for Auto’s VS photos as a seed choice? I like photos because you have more control
over size, window of bloom and what you decide as far as SCROG, LST, Mainlining or
Manifold, Auto’s just grow and bloom whenever they feel like it. No control at all.
But that’s just my noob opinion. BTW, welcome to the forums bro.


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