Auto flower nutrients!

Hello to all! So im new to the forum and really enjoying all the knowledge out here! So i mainly grow autos and they turn out usually very well, i heard a long time ago that they do not like very much nutes so i went with it at usually 350 450 ppm with ph perfect A B once a week , does someone have experience with autos and what should i be feeding them! Im one week into a new grow of 5 og kush autos so i want to see if maybe i can do something different to get the buds even better? Pics tomorrow of the new girls


It’s been a while since i grew an auto, but i don’t remember them being anymore sensitive to feedings than anything else.


Check out @Screwauger grow journals. He grows nice auto’s.

I feed Mine full strength it won’t hurt them as long as you don’t overfeed them but I go by manufactures recommendation usually



First I want to welcome you to our world of growing here at ILGM
WELCOME kroncaddtcustoms and welcome to our awesome and every so fast growing COMMUNITY.

I grew auto’s and did a journal and the only thing that I found was that you can’t clone them. Well you can but it all has to do with timing.
The nutrients that you have chosen are awesome. Don’t forget the BUD CANDY you have to get if you don’t already.

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Bud Candy, perhaps?

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Ya, I just saw the missed type’o that’s wright BUD CANDY lol
Use it durning the 4 week of flower till the end.

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Ok i will definitely grab some budcandy! Anyone have any luck using “chaching”?

I think @WonkaMan was using ChaChing.

Good memory, @elheffe702. Indeed I did use ChaChing, Beastie Bloomz, and Tiger Bloom, though I was growing photos, not autos. I’m not sure how picky autos are about this, so can’t speak to that specifically, but I was very happy with this trio and will be using it on my current grow when it flowers. (My soil is hot, so I don’t use any nutes in veg.)

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Here is a picture of my northern light auto 7weeks 4 days, 400watt hps , ph perfect ab, all my plants have been coming out really well but theres always room for improvement, thats why im here i love the site! Looking forward to my 5 og kush autos growing with the help from everyone woo-hoo!


In case you or anyone else is interested, here is my Advanced Nutrients feeding chart:


This is my second year growing autos, my first auto grow I treated them as a regular plant as far as feeding goes I was growing white widow started with 6 babies and ended with 6 pretty girls average yield was around one and a quarter ounces per plant from what I see here that was not to bad, I brought the complete grow set it came with 20 white widow seeds, Plant protector system, Root protector, Mold control, and Bug blaster I only used root protector and bug blaster they had a heck of a root system, I had a small spider mite problem the bug blaster took care of that as far as feeding went I followed the directions and you see the yields, This was my first time using flower power fertilizer and I have to say I like it a lot I’m going to continue using it, I grew outdoors in 5 gal. pots doing the same this year just trying a different seed Northern Lights auto and super skunk fem. hope this helped a little GOOD LUCK ever body here has been great I’m not new to growing but I’m mew to trying to do it the right way And I can not say enough good things about this site or the FOLKS using it

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Kroncaddy, happy to grow with ya!

Lets get those buds big!


This is a nice schedule do you have a grow log i can read with you using this schedule? Oh and what medium/ soil did you use?

@Kroncaddycustoms so your using Advanced Nutrients, good stuff.

I was also wondering how an auto would do with only using the bloom, bud candy/bud factor x (only using one), and overdrive. Overdrive has great reviews.
I feel like i still want to grow in soil because a lot of people prefer the taste but as i have read as well auto’s can be nute sensative, so in turn i would go from seedlings into 5 gallon smart pots with FFHP +30% Perlite as autos also need nice airy soil.
This is my plan for my next grow should be dropping 2 seeds on the 22nd

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I don’t have a grow log for all of those nutrients because I started collecting and using them mostly at the end of my last grow. Maybe I’ll start a grow log for my current batch of plants, which are doing fantastic right now in the vegetative state. I’m 4 weeks in, but using the “veg week 3” mixture just to be careful for nutrient burn. As long as they look fine by the next feeding, I’ll jump to the next level on the schedule.

I use 3 different soils in my pot. Fox Farms Light Warrior, which is essentially nutrient-free and intended for seedlings. Then, the roots grow into Fox Farms Happy Frog, which is a medium-nutrient soil. Finally, they grow into a mix of 3 parts Fox Farms Ocean Forest and 1 part perlite.

I haven’t heard that autos are any more nutrient sensitive than photos, by the way. I haven’t had any issues.

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what is your feeding program when using flower power fertilizer ?..please :seedling:

Your running photos though eh?

No, autos.

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During veg. stage every 3 weeks, wright when they go from veg. to bloom, First you need to flush then very good flush, flush everything out I use use 7 gal. pots and it usually took any where from 12 to 20 gal. of water I always check the PH level I like it at 5.5 to 6 Ph you will need a good PH meter then using flower power Bloom as directed