Auto flower nutes

Here’s my question. I’ve been growing autos for about a year now. Some turn out great and others are so, so. The all do their jobs though. Just started 1 banana kush and 1 purple kush. Both are in a 7 gallon smart pot. My soil mixture consists of FF strawberry fields at to bottom, FFOF in the middle and FF happy frog at the top. They are under a mars hydro ts1000. My question is, should I use bloom booster at 1/2 strength? Also, just ordered some snow storm ultra. Anybody have any suggestions with that. Typically I just water with molasses water and just occasionally use bloom booster. Didn’t know with my soil mix if the snow storm would just be a waste. Any thoughts? BTW, both plants will be 3 weeks old this Monday.

I suggest going with a complete solution intended for cannabis. Jack’s Parts A&B or the Fox Farm Trio are good examples of balanced products.

Snow Storm contains only potassium. You also need nitrogen and phosphorous as well as micronutrients such as copper, iron, boron, and so on.


Or I use the organic version from bio bizz

Try brewing a tea with that molasses. That will outperform any booster in my opinion.

How to Brew Compost Tea | how-tos | DIY


Are you an organic only type person or no?
If no Jack’s part A, calcium nitrate as part B, and magnesium sulfate (Epson salts) as part C makes up Jack’s 321. It’s the most cost effective high quality nutrients.
Adding in some extra mkp for a booster is ideal but not needed.
And to help microbes and roots grow fish head farms fishshit is the best product with a fair price considering other options.

Also if you don’t wish to stay organic I would advise upgrading to grow in coco as soil is slow and largely effects yeilds.

If your organic then fox farms soils are great, learn to brew some organic teas and they are basically liquid nutrients.


Has anybody ever used Snow Storm though to boost trichomes?

What is it?

It boosts trichomes

Got great reviews

It’s an amino addative with one key ingredient


The Triacontanol is what you should focus on, as a folar spray.
Then add aminos to your roots

hey nick how far into flowering can u use a folir spray. i dont wash my indoor bud. like a hospital in my room… ocd

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Depending on the product right to the end.
However I don’t suggest spraying plants most of the time it causes more hassle then it’s worth.

Just to be clear where I stand on the product above…

Triacontanol is not proven to work, very mixed reviews. Don’t trust amazon reviews they are bought and paid for majority of the time. Google’s the same thing reviews these days can’t be trusted unless its from a community or people you know.

If someone did a side by side clone test and tested on a decent sample size with repeatable results then I would for sure try it but as it stands reading around I don’t think it’s worth trying. Any amino acid addative will work great, depending on the cost ide try that stuff.

The product above had multiple other products by that company pulled by the government due to plant growth regulators thst cause cancer so pretty shady company all in all

The only thing I’ve ever seen pulled was gravity. It had Humbolt County Own on it but it was made by Emerald Triangle I believe

Confusing and shady enough for me to stay away is all I’m saying.
Definitely not ideal buisness practices

yeah, i don’t like to spray anything on my plants. (indoors)

Snow storm ultra is not a spray. You mix it with water. 1 tsp per gallon. I’ll let everyone know if it makes a difference. I’ll do 1 plant with and 1 without and see what happens.

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