Auto flower number of days

Do autos take about 120 days total?

Anywhere between 12 and 22 weeks, though 120 days is 17 weeks and is fairly common, give or take a couple of weeks. An auto can flower at any time between 3 and 12 weeks. Four to 7 weeks is most common. Once a cannabis plant flowers it takes between 8 and 10 weeks for the flower to ripen.

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I am learning through mistakes, that it can change drastically all dependant on the environment you create eg. Temps, humility, Ph, rightnuteat right time, airflow seems critical.

Sorry I went off on tanjet!

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YUP, the lessons we learn are often posted on this forum as a road map, prior to the up close and personal learning. Greatest hobby ever. Enjoy and as I am, be truly grateful for forum and contributors.

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