Auto flower not flowering?

So I have 3 autos that are around week 9 but showing no signs of flower. They have started to stretch it seems though. I put one in my flowering tent a week ago and it looks the same as the 2 that are 18/6 so does that probably mean that the autos haven’t reached their programmed flower switch? Or is it possible that these aren’t autos at all? Thanks

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At 9 weeks their probably photo periods. Switch the light to 12/12 that’ll push stubborn autos, regardless the light flip will induce flower in 10 days or less :love_you_gesture:


Ok one has been in flowering tent 12/12 for a week and no pistils or stamina or little hairs even yet


Where these feminized autos/photos or regular seeds? I’ve had an auto go that long that turned out to be a male. Any order info on the seeds :love_you_gesture:

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Got em from a breeder in Cali. He just said they were autos not feminized but they aren’t males 3 of them. That makes me think they might be photos but they have exploded out of seed and are 30 in less than 2 months my first 3 photos took 3.5 months to reach this height? Idk thanks. The one that has been in the flowering tent for 8 days now still isn’t throwing pistils or stamina.

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:point_up_2: you won’t know this until they reach sexual maturity and reveal their sex. Hoping you get females, height isn’t a factor in sex either, but the ones I’ve grown that turned out to be males were bigger than the females :love_you_gesture:

They are females they have a little green horn not a ball

Hopefully you can see what I was trying to describe

Of course once uploaded you can’t but where the new leaves are forming at the bud point has a thick green “horn”

Nevermind I just read that those are stubiles and we aren’t sure what they do

Not evidence that it’s not male, sadly.

But yeah, they’re also not autos if they aren’t flowering by now. The advice to get them on 12/12 is the best method, and be patient. I’ve had plants take as long as 2 weeks to respond to the light cycle change.


Mine took 10 days to flip. What fo the tops of your colas look like?

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No colas just new leaves not quite fully formed

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Ya that’s what I’m going to do once I harvest my other 2 photos I’ll have room in my flowering tent to put the other 2 girls in. I’m kinda frustrated though because I thought these were autos I didn’t do any lst just to see how the grow untouched for the first round. Now I’m stuck with photos that are almost to big to do anything to. I guess I could top the 2 not in the 12/12 then wait a week then out them in. Is that an acceptable idea?

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Very much so! That’ll give em time to redirect their energy to the lower nodes. :v:

Sweet how long after topping before I put into flower?

Depends on how fast she bounces back. If she’s growing noticeably within a few days, she should be recovered enough to go ahead and flip. If she seems to be slowed down, just hang out til the growth is obvious again.