Auto flower not flowering 9 weeks

White widow and super skunk auto flowering is not flowering?

I would try to force them, by changing your light schedule.

I had a Mazar auto like that, and a light switch seemed to work. Could have just been coincidence, but the timing was spot on…

12/12 I am thinking?

I’m having the same issue Jack Herrer week 8 auto. @MadCandy suggest I do roughly a 36 hour lights off then go to a 12/12. Ive done the 36 now my schedule is 11/13.

It’s been almost a week I’ll go in tomorrow and examine her well to see what’s up. Just gotta keep at it till something happens. Or we come out of it with a lovely indoor potted Bush for the holidays :rofl:


You actually have a good problem you’re going to end up with a lot bigger plant, bigger yield.
Happy growing


Yes I wish my autos stayed in veg that long more weed is great


I am doing 12/12 now just started yesterday. thank you for the info.


After all that work 7 days later WE ARE FLOWERING!!


Jealous! My three only veged for three weeks max :weary::joy:

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She’s tHICk :wink:


@Hawk2018 how your girls looking brother?!

For real! If I could double my veg, I could triple my yield. But then again… Sometimes quick is nice too.


Yeah tbh I’m glad these were quick veg Cos they my first ever attempt so want them done as soon as poss :laughing::laughing:

They are finally flowering. Ph is at 7.5. Should I use aluminum Sulfate to bring that down?

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You can buy some ph down if your liquid feeding buddy on eBay

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What’s at 7.5? That’s what your ph going in or coming out?

Soil testing at 7.5. Water is at 7 going in. Do not no what it is coming out?

Try to get it down to 6.5