Auto-flower Northern Lights seeds - beginner help!

Hi everyone! I just received my auto flowering northern lights seeds and I wanted to ask for some green thumb advice. I have successfully grown from clones before when I lived in California but now I am going to battle, against the odds, indoors in a small NYC apartment. I would appreciate any and all tips. What is best to use for soil? Should I use nutrients? I liked tigers bloom when i grew hydroponically. What is the required and best/most affordable method of light? Should I be concerned about the scent (my building usually smells like it’s been hotboxed)?And what do I have to watch out for? Thanks for reading and I am happy to keep everyone posted! Happy new year!

Hi there, as for soil there is a lot of different choices. I don’t like to use anything with a time release nutrients in it I like to add my own. It all depends on your budget, some get very costly. I have only used fox farms ocean brand. You can read a lot of different post on soil. Same for nutes. I use flora nova grow and bloom. I’m sure there is some better. You can buy the nutes that Robert sells on this site, I’m going to try them next grow. I hear they are great. I’m hoping others chime in and give you their thought. I’m not up on different lights. But Good lighting is really important. Good luck

Happy Frog by Fox farm is a good starting soil that’s not to high in micro organisms that can be a little strong for most seedlings like the Fox Farm Ocean Forest . Miracle grow moisture control will work , coco coir will work good for seedlings also , and pro mix #4 and many others out there , but you want to check the NPK ratio for seeds and seedlings , once plant established roots , than you can transplant into a stronger organic soil medium .