Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


I’mma order the packs. Might have to ask you for directions on how to make what ever hydrometer Mason jar is in a few harvests though lol


As soon as im off work buddy, and cut a hole in the lid of a mason jar squeeze a hygrometer through the top super simple

Ill be off soon been at work all night


Id be happy to help


@bob31 guess wife gave it away since we haven’t used it in a while ( a little over a month)


Make sure to de-carb the trim before you add it to the beer… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


What’s that mean :x? I was just gunna give him the trim :x


Look up the word (decarboxylating)… :wink:
That’s the only way you’re going to get any benefit from adding it to your beer other than that it would just be like adding grass but with no high or healing effects… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


To Google I go!!


Google knows all @Tonyb

And np @Majiktoker thanks anyway


They are coming along lovely @Tonyb


Ill look one up and get a link for them later today at the river its 91 degrees today


Goodness. And what may I ask does one do at the river when it’s 91? I hope swim? Wow. It still feels like spring here @Majiktoker

Why such big phenom differences in same seed bag

Swim and get drunk lol


I was gonna say have fun but I don’t see how you couldn’t!


Forest service or DOW (department of wildlife) lol we do take guns when,going to the river


Thanks again @bob31 for your help , since I don’t have a good memory , this will absolutely help :grin:



@Tonyb all that talk about canna-beer I went and bought a Homebrew beer kit! I just have to figure out how and at what strength to make some of the special brew. Should be interesting!


Nice. I’m sure you’ll makes some dope beer


Amazon finally came!! Got my Jewelers loupe, de, duster for applying the de, some nice pruning shears n boveda 10 pack humidity controller packs! With the loupe I got to take a closer look at my buds on my batch of bag seeds, clear… Guess those need more time before I can use my shears >.>… now that I have to de n the duster I can do a covert operation, operation sneak my almost 2 ft plant out of my house n in to the woods… Lol I also have three 5 gallon pots of soil I need to get out in to the woods n I can also probably transplant my blueberry autos in to them. Needless to say I have some work to do lol


nice! Get her out there where she wants to be! @tonyb