Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


That would make an excellent starter/ clone box for the future. I did similar. I started out with one plant and basically a 2 x 3 x 6 foot indoor greenhouse type of thing. I actually grow on two levels as I have my 300w led down to about 20 inches in final week of flower and I have a grow dome on the shelf above growing 3 sprouts on one side and wheatgrass on the other. I just bought a 3 x 3 x 7 foot grow tent on ebay and I’m throwing it up soon and moving my whole operation into a shed in the backyard.


How far along is the bs gro? You can definitely see the frostiness building!


TBH I don’t have the slightest idea when I did the flip to 12/12 lol. When they’re done they’re done is how I’m doing it lol. U Kno where I can get a Jewelers loupe?


they have all kinds of different ones on amazon and ebay. It takes about 8 weeks from flowering begins which is usually about 2 weeks after the light flip. The pistils will be all brownish so if you still have any white ones you aren’t too close.

I bought the little clip on magnifier for my phone but I hated it and got a usb camera that plugs into my smartphone.

200 x


I’m guessing I have about 3 or 4 weeks left. TBH I’m only gunna let em go until my gold leaf seedlings are a certain size then it’s choppy choppy time. I have a buddy in CT who can blow wax, or maybe just bud butter, who knows. One of the other managers that I work with makes his own beer n wants to make a weed infused beer with my trim too. He has a lable maker too! I’m thinking Black & Barry white terror ale for the name since I know 2 of them were white terror haze seeds n the other 2 were marked unknown. Conveniently given to me from my boy who can blow oil lol.


wow that sounds cool. I wonder how you would infuse the beer? Interesting! I’m sure it’s online somewhere, lol. Yeah that sounds like a plan! @Tonyb


I think he’s just plans on adding it with the hops. I can’t really take the credit for the idea, he was the one who came to me n was like yo let’s do this hurry up n finish I wanna make it, why’s it taking so long, hurry up. N I was like ok let’s do this, weed takes a long time to grow, no it’s still not ready, calm down we can do it when we can do it, Jesus Sean calm the f down I’ll let you know as soon as it’s done. Lol. But the name was def all my idea :wink: our last names, for the brand n then the strand n type of beer for the flavor ;). I can’t wait for black & Barry blueberry once my outdoor auto grow is done in like… 3 months lol. Oooo or black & Barry present supreme haze ipa. Man… I’m excited for this trim… Think I’mma start thinking out lable designs, you got me all frazzled about it now lol.


Do you think a 40x loupe will be sufficient for check my tricombs? Not try to spend a bunch on it if I don’t need too lol


well, I’m a beer guy. sorry, but I’m drooling over here. Cut me a break, lol. hahahaha

Sounds great.

And yes, 40x should be enough


I see some x60s on eBay but I don’t really know how eBay works… Never got anything from it…


For bodiva humidity control.packs what % should I get? Trying to get my order above 25$ so I can get free shipping lol. Just adding random crap I’ll need eventually


They look good man


And yes a 40x jewelers loupe should definitely work If your eyes still work well you can get away with a 10x or 20x jewelers loupe


They work well if I have my glasses on… Basically blind with out them lol… Any advice on what % bodiva packs I should get for future curing?


Ive seen alot of people use 62% packs, however id maybe go with a 50% boveda pack


Do you use them when you cure?


No I dont use any humidity packs I bought a mason jar and hygrometer cut a whole in the mason jar hot gluing the hygrometer in the lid so there is basically a moisture meter apart of the jar


Hmm sounds too fancy for my blood. I’ll be lazy n get some packs lol


Lol super simple cost maybe 25$ to make and about 10 minutes

Keep me posted buddy lol


@Majiktoker how about a pic of that? I’m not sure I’m following?