Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


Looking good






so I got chewed to hell by mosquitoes doing it, but I more or less have my gorilla grow location set up! Just need some insect repellent so my plants won’t get chewed to hell and some twine for a more permanent/easier to use door!


@MBgrower this is my journal


Thank u @Tonyb , I only have the lawn to mow so I’ll I have time to reads it today !!! :blush:


my NLA auto flower in a dwc system at day 30-31 ish. She’s quite bushy n showing preflowering spots all over. Going to have to lst some of the other flower spots out either tonight after work if I’m not too exhausted at midnight after yet another 50 he work week or Sunday on my day off. I might have to think about cutting some of the leaves off also, she’s getting kinda crazy bushy n they’re covering some of the flower spots.
Opinions? @bob31 @garrigan62 @MBgrower @peachfuzz @Hogmaster @Nuggyunlimited @Countryboyjvd1971


Good Morning @Tonyb she looks beautiful, was this plant fimmed or topped ? She’s so full and happy ,I’m jealous , I cant wait for my girls for get bigger but I’m so enjoying watching how much they change day to day, like they say it’s a "WEED’ but a amazing weed. She looks awesome and thank you again for tagging me in your post , I just updated my journal , I fimmed one of my plants for the first time, was worried but it seems I worried for nothing because she’s already showing new growth on the four tops , all I can say is WOW . Keep up the good work and if you don’t mind please keep tagging me , I’m a beginner so I really don’t have much knowledge to help , but I so enjoy reading all the posts and I learn so much from them , maybe someday I to will be experienced enough to spread my help , everyone here is extremely helpful , they actually care and are willing to help out , I absolutely love this Forum !! :heart_eyes:

Thank you for thinking of me , MB


Np man n no never topped just lsted her to the max. I’ll also try to remember to tag you, but I’m really not the best at remembering to tag ppl until I have a question of my own about my plants health lol.


lst’d the hell out of her last night after work. 33 days old I think, looks pretty decent I’d say right? @MBgrower @Donaldj @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 @Majiktoker @garrigan62 @peachfuzz @Hogmaster @bob31 @McLovin777


Very Healthy @Tonyb , I can’t remember everyones tag names , I wonder if you can save them and have list of people you’d like to tag, or tagging a certain person because they are experts , I’ll have to ask @bob31 he’s helped me so much with this Forum , and they have been so many more ,EVERYONE here a so willing to help and spread there knowledge , Thank You to All of You !!


They look great @Tonyb are you keeping them in that space? Or is that just for veg?


@MBgrower I copy and paste the usernames to a notepad on my computer, but mostly I’m here everyday so I remember everyone’s tags for the most part.


They? That’s 1 plant…


And ya I’m planning on keeping her in there. Might have to go CFL if she gets stressed from the led


I always say them and girls etc. That does look great for only one plant. But the height is gonna be an issue quickly I’m afraid,

Do you have any room above that light?

Is it the angle of the pic or is the top in the rear higher than the rest?


No more height. Dealzer’s got me n I bought a cash crop 5.0 from them for my first box -.- the led is only a 150w cheapy cheapy from Amazon that I replaced there crap 20w quazar led with @bob31


Might as well update the bag seeds I have growing in my yield machine max. They’re finally getting some orange hairs n looking pretty crystally. I’m simplifying the nute recipe on them now. Only Kool bloom, hydroguard n liquid karma. Have the TDS on them as low as I’ve ever had it for them, 850ish using tap water that starts at like 300