Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


Nice i just posted a pic of mine in the other thread looks like my temp is at 81 doh


I’ll check that out too


Switch to 12/12 soon or you’ll end up running in to the top like I did in my ymm. I had to switch cfls to finish my bag seeds grow :x


Cool thanks I’m getting excited now haha


You might want to get something for a scrogg. I wish I did for my bag seeds when they were around your stage.


I’ve never heard of a scrogg either


Doing some research


It’s basically something like chicken wire or mesh netting that you let the plants grow through to keep the buds in the light n the fan leafs out the way


Nice I just read on it wonder what I could buy to put in there


I know my hydrostore has mesh netting they sell


Here’s my northern light plant she’s 41 days old today


How tall is it?


19 inches above soil


@Donaldj @peachfuzz @Majiktoker
So I have res temps sorta under control (70* after the light being on all night) by adding frozen distilled ice cubes in the am before work n in the pm when I get home. I also added a 2nd airstone to replace the one that broke, so basically bubbles for days. I’mma upload a pic after this post. Can you weight in if you still think she looks droopy. She’s starting to show preflowers, 24 days old since popping I think?


there’s my girl. Poor planning has gotten the best of my once again. My two gold leaf seedlings are next to her n I’m thinking I should probably up nutes for my NLA soon ;/


Looking much better not droopy any more


They might of looked a little droopy yesterday cuz I literally added another tie before the was taken. Keeping the res temps lower though will probably be better all around though.


What is the water level ?
You want a 1 inch air gap between the net cup and the water or else you run the risk of your plants damping off… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Good looks ill keep that in mind. The res in that one is so small that a big plant can drink nearly half of it in a day or two


so I’m hung over and my head hurts like hell, but I woke up too seeing my girl loving the upped nutes and her pre flowering all over the place, I count 7. So today’s a good day despite the hang over.