Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


she is looking awesome @Tonyb she is a fat lil ####, will be nice to see how she finishes up :slight_smile:


Language within reason plz… thanx


ooppsss sorry @Donaldj


How have your temps been she looks a little wilted aside from just the LST


It’s all good just get creative lmao I have to curb my roofer vocab when on the forum just figure since it was meantioned in post as inuendo joke that may or may not be appropriate you may have thought grey zones too :wink:


Looks good in my opinion, I agree with donaldj she looks a little wilted


Ya my cook mouth is pretty dirty too…

But high is when lights are on at 81. I’m not sure on low I would have to walk inside of the balcony to check n it’s the first nice morning I can enjoy before work in like… Well since my last day off on Tuesday lol


Could anything other than temps be causing the wiltyness? I don’t really think 81 should be too hot for her right?


I was going to ask the same thing… water temps , water level and are you sure your getting enough oxygen to the roots…?
Something looks a miss besides the LST that your doing… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I did have two air stones in the res but taking my supreme haze plant out to transfer to soil I broke it untangling the roots out of it >:[. It’s a quite small res so the temps could be high but with an air temp of 81 do you think the res could be heating up that much? I’ll move my water thermometer over to that tub n check. What am I aiming for res temps? Below 70 right?


Res temps should be Atleast 65-68 degrees for roots


:confused: guess it’s time to keep distilled water ice cubes on deck. Was reading a little too high, 4* ish


Looking good @Tonyb I was gonna say she looks a little wilted too. Unless you just did some lst or something?


Nice tony Looks very interesting. I’ve never seen a auto in action or tied down any plants, my regular feminised are half way up the box. Maybe you can enlighten me on tying down or i could look it up …meh to lazy right now…lol anyway, My res temp keeps sitting at 75 no matter what I do. They have beautiful white roots though with no rot or smell. My air temp at highwst has been 79. Although I’m sure it would be happier if I could get the rest temp down I just change my res every 7 days and I’ve been dropping in ice bottles when I can, but now I’m battling humidity levels in the 80s. I know people say not to clip stuff but I removed some stuff to get more ventilation. I figured out the yellowing leaves i had were because these plants are really hungry! Perhaps res temp contributed to yellowing or drooping but sinse I’ve fed it more they look happy. I only tried to clip damaged leaves. I think these boxes just stress the plants no matter what because mine can open up fully because of the limited space.


Mine can’t open up fully, sorry some spelling errors in there.


I did lst literally right before the pic was taken


Also my fan leaves keep getting stuck in in the lower intake fan and getting chewed up. I had to clip a bit there aswell


Oh yeah that’s probably it


I don’t know much about that either ha


Look up intelligent stoner on YouTube. He has a bunch of vids but #7? I think shows how he lst’s he grows in a hollowed out pc tower n gets 2 oz yields each grow from autos in soil.