Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


Hmm well hopefully they finish quick enough or my supreme haze stays small enough for long enough.


whispers quietly:zipper_mouth: you might want to consider popping off some of them big fan leaves so more light cant get through…


I was holding back because I didn’t wanna steal it from getting light but if you think it’s a good idea I def will when I get home from work. If some other ppl can weight in I’d greatly appreciate it!
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i don’t blame you for asking others defoliating a plant is frowned upon by lots but i do believe when done at the right time it can help specially when using LEDs personally in this instance i believe it will help


I know there is definitely some I can take off. I just don’t wanna over due it :stuck_out_tongue: but TBH this was just an experiment batch so why not experiment on defoilating to the max.


well maybe not to the max leave the chainsaw in the shed… but a short back and sides wouldn’t hurt here :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not for it or against it. I think you need to study the issue and decide for yourself.

@Tonyb I personally did remove a couple fan leaves to let some light get to a lower bud that didn’t catch up and it helped that bud grow twice as big. But that’s all I did.

I think it’s something that it would be nice if someone did a side by side comparison to see if there were different results!


gave em massive haircut… IDK if it’s even noticable lol.


Ohh its noticeable :stuck_out_tongue: imo looking much better for it @Tonyb


Was out of commission for a couple days…
As for your previous question I try not to take anything off my plants fan leaves or anything… I usually just tuck them under or bend them over to bring light further down if I need to… but most of the time I take everything from underneath and cut that away if it doesn’t make it to my nets and that’s usually after 3 weeks of light flip that I do that…
From the looks of your pictures it looks like you don’t have much room left between canopy and your lite after giving the haircut …if I were you I’d start bending some of those tops over versus cutting anything more away… :wink:

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Imma have to do that or get a CFL set up so my led doesn’t bleach them. I went pretty hard on them but they’re experiment/learn to hydro plants anyways. I don’t think I over did it. All the plants being different heights kinda made me have to… Should of put up a scrog when I was thinking I might need one… Oh well live n learn


Trust me … been there done thet…
Nets , are the only way to go…
I will be sharing a bunch of stuff soon… :wink:
Mucho work to do… :wink:

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Can’t wait to see it! I


some lsting on my girl.
she’s looking pretty good I’d say for 18 days old xD!


I have a question. I germinated 3 Northern Lights Auto and 2 came up. They grew like weeds (pun intended) for the first few weeks. I had read the Grow Bible and everything I could get my hands on about autoflowers and lights, and time til harvest, everything. I figured 10 weeks from the time they got their first true leaves until harvest. That’s 20 days away. June 10, I don’t think they will be ready but I’m not going to rush it.
They are growing in a mixture of potting soil with perlite and organic soil with worm casings so I didn’t fertilize until the flowering started. Now I fertilize every other day when the soil is dried, same amount per plant of a bloom booster. I live in a rural area and nowhere around here has the grow nutes that you all talked about. So I went with 15/30/15 since the middle number needed to be higher.
They have been grown side by side, in a 2x3 space with led light 24/0. One plant started to flower and the other has the white tendrils but no flowers to speak of. One looks more like sativa and the other like indica. The one that started flowering first is no more than 10" tall, while the other one that acts like it wants to flower is 15"+. They are in the same size pots, same light schedule, same everything. There is a fan on them, the humidity is right, Temp stays between 75-80 degrees F. I recently added a 60w cfl for extra light to see if I could do anything else.
I tried changing the light schedule to 18/6 and they revolted, looked sick and protested until I put the light back on 24/0. The plant that has flowers all over it doesn’t seem to be letting the flowers grow. So I trimmed off the shade leaves, tied down the stalks so light and air could get in to each branch. I certainly expected them to be bigger and look like some of the pics above by now. The other one is just tall and lanky and beautiful, except for the fact that the tendrils are not making flowers. Is this normal?
This was an experiment and if I get anything worth using out of it it’ll be fun, but I am confused. I’ve got pics but don’t know how to post them and my camera (I am not an Iphone user) doesn’t get good close up shots without blurring.


First off I too hate I phones so respect. 2nd off in the title of this grow it says first real grow e ever. All that being said I know ppl will sometimes get seeds that want to act differently. My suggestion would be to stop using nitrogen as much as possible. I use latewoods formula for GH Flora plus some tweaks. If I were you I would give it straight water for a few waterings n get the extra nitrogen out, then give it either 4ml micro n 8 ml bloom/gal when feeding, or if u got the pk boost n maybe some other additives like I have do something like… 2ml mirco 4ml bloom a squirt of the pk boost (can’t think of what the bottle says off the top of my head) but what ever the bottle of pk boost says at like half or qter str then ur additives like silica blast hydroguard n such. Also look up intelligent stoner on yt. He grows autos in soil in a hollowed out pc tower n yields 2zips a plant because of the way he lst the plants


Thanks Tonyb.
This is the first time I have tried to grow anything since the 80’s when I grew a couple of plants in my apartment closet and got a yield of about 2 buds! So it’s really my first grow in almost 40 years. Back then I used fish emulsion and that was all. Should I have posted somewhere else? I’m still trying to figure out the navigation of the site. I apologize if I posted in the wrong place.
I don’t live in an area that has a selection of stores that will carry the nutrients you suggest. And this grow was done on a shoestring budget, you’d think that a co-op would have the nutrients since I am in a rural, farming area but in order to get them you have to buy for acres and acres instead of two plants. I can buy 100lbs but not 10 ounces! I also have a problem getting anything sent to me because I don’t have mail delivery and they don’t like to deliver to a post office box. I’m kind of in the twilight zone!
I will use regular water for the next couple of waterings and in the meantime, try to find another product with less nitrogen.
I appreciate the input.


Look up his videos on YouTube also. They show you just good overall techniques. And ya you posted in the right spot. Most ppl are down to answer questions to try n help. I know I always am!


my northern lights auto 22 days old. Lsting the hell out of her :slight_smile: hopefully will start seeing pre flowers soon xD!


Day 24. Lsting to the max lol. She would probably stand 12" tall if I didn’t have the main stalk tied down in three spots. Really hoping this opens up what would be side buds in to massive colas. Running in to space issues as she’s bushier than a 70s… Well you know… Lol probably isn’t an approved joke to finish on this forum.
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How you guys think she’s looking?