Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


Any thing u use that I don’t have?


Honestly I adjust everything through each stage based on ppm ph fluctuations plant appearance I also vary formulas and ph for different strains. I don’t suggest that for a first grow but have mentored a few other growers through their first hydro grows. There is a good right up on GH 3 part that Latewood did which may work better for you or a simplified Lucas Formula too 6ml micro 12ml bloom no grow through veg 8ml micro 16ml bloom through flower but it doesn’t factor when silicate or Cal-mag are added you have to adjust for those add ins.
I add silicate every second res change at 5ml Gal until first week of bloom add Cal until finished stretch then don’t add unless def shows.


Absolutely love it for rooting and transplants also one of the few things you can feed a small clone or seedling :wink: it’s like Rapid Roots only organic and cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:


You have all the basics covered I always suggest if you are new to hydro you first have to learn your strain and basics so you have a base line to go from. The problem comes when you add things you don’t know are understand if they are helping or hurting and which thing you added that changed things. Once you have base nutrients and standard additives figured out through an entire grow then you know when I added this that happened and what caused what result otherwise you could spend small fortune on items that do nothing or don’t work while together KISS keep it super simple just IMO


The only other things that I add , is orca and azzos and that’s just to get things started with my clones or new seedlings… :wink:
Much love @Donaldj… he knows his $hi+…

:v: :sunglasses:


thanks buddy I also don’t have the luxury of hydrogaurd Orca Mammoth-p and quite a few other goodies you guys can buy in the states so I make due with sterile grows;)


#f&@#that. Hydroguard is my supplement. Keeps res clean af. I’d drink it my self to keep me clean if I wasn’t afraid I’d kill me


this is probably completely unjustified and unwarranted worrying seeing how the plant is only 6 days old… But my northern lights auto flower doesn’t seem to be growing much. It’s first set of leaves are probably 4x the size and the 2nd set has started to come in… But I kinda feel like a plant that only has a 3 or 4 week veg life should be a bit bigger by now. If anyone can respond and hopefully just tell me I’m being a worry wort I’d appreciate it greatly (:


Also my beginners batch of bag seeds I used to learn the in and outs of growing in hydro are starting to show a little bit of promising looking flowers, despite all the mistakes n hell I put them through lol. If anyone can wieght in on how much longer they think they have to go that would be great too. I have no clue how old they are, when I switched the light to 12/12, I just know it’s kinda a mirocal they are alive let alone possibly going to give me buds


Put a timer on my auto box to see if giving the lil guy 6 hrs of darkness will help at all.


them bag seeds looking good @tonyb going to watch this one closely and see how you get on see what i can learn coz hydro still has me a bit worried


Really isn’t that hard. Just gotta dive in the res feet first ;). N those bag seeds looking good are a perfect example of it not being that hard. First attempt at dwc ever n I only killed one. Now my problem is I have 5 monsters squeezed in to 1.5 sq ft :blush:


bag batch starting to bloom pretty good


you have her packed to the max!


@BIGE ya… I figured I would kill some Learning hydro or some would end up male… I guess there are worse problems lol.


day like 9 or 10 for my NLA


lol at my Frankenstein cash crop 5.0. upgraded light, added extra air pump n air stone, and put a lil mini fan in it to get some air flow. Can’t wait till my 2 light CFL hanging set up comes in the mail n I have some side light :stuck_out_tongue:


side lighting :). Once i get that supreme haze in to her new home Imma have the happiest northern lights auto ever :smile:


So a little advice pls

these bag seeds are literally taking forever​. To finish. They have to have been on 12/12 for almost 2 months n the buds look like they need another 2 months lol. Is the reason they’re taking so long because I have so much shoved in to one box? They only get to live until I need to move my supreme haze out of my auto box. I hope to get some sort of harvest n not just leafs n baby buds to use for butter or something. them squeezed the f in my box :blush:


that could be the strain @Tonyb if i remember rightly all haze’s for instance take 3-4months on flower… don’t quote me on that though but i have a vague recollection of hearing that somewhere and I’m sure there are lots of other strains too that have excessive flower time…
they are cramped in that little box but tops are getting plenty of light so would just assume she is a slow go’er