Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


picked up this as a possible solution to add extra light to my grow and possibly speed up this flowering process that seems to be going extra slow, but what do I Kno it’s my first grow. For 27$ it’s worth the shot
this is it mounted and set up.
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Oh ya and as u can see in the first pic I picked up some silica blast to add to my nute and sup line up


T5 ho fixtures work great… I love them… that’s all I veg under… I might be picking up a couple of viperspectra led’s just to see if I can get a little more mature veg…

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@peachfuzz do you flower with them? I didn’t get a replacement bulb today because I wanted to make sure I could it it to work in my system before I spent extra $$$, but they had bulbs that are different spectrums.


No… I use 600 watt HPS for flower…
You want 3500 Kelvin for flowering and 6500 Kelvin for vegging…

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Hmm. Well I’m guessing putting that light in won’t hurt it… Can you explain this Kelvin concept to me a bit better @peachfuzz it’s only something I’ve heard about with lights that aren’t led… N that lil 2 ft t5 being my first non LED light I’m a lil confused n in need of googling I think lol


The Kelvin is the color of the light or the Spectrum… you want more of a red Spectrum which would be about 3500 Kelvin for flowering and when your vegging you want 6500 Kelvin which is more like a bluish colored light for when your vegging and honestly when your flowering it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of blue light in there still because that wavelength is actually really healthy for your plants and it actually keeps them healthy , so it doesn’t hurt to have it in there when your flowering as well… if I were you I might just keep the 6500 Kelvin light in your t5ho and run the LED as normal and around the last 3 weeks of flower is when I would throw in the Red Spectrum 3500 Kelvin into your t5ho fixture to finish out the flowering… :wink:

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This was one of my last runs…

I got around 24 oz’s out of that one…that was my first hydro run… I’ve been in soil for about 7 years and figured what the hell… let’s go hydro… :wink:

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Beautiful grow. The plants in the box rn I don’t expect great things from, they were just 6 bag seeds I planted to learn hydro. Only 1 died n they all ended up being female… So the box is way too over crowded. Once they finish I plan on putting 1-3 more of those t5s on the sides with 1 fem plant in the middle or maybe a couple autos. I’ll have to get a red bulb for the one in there now though thank you so much @peachfuzz


Any time my fellow cultivator… if I’m around I’ll get back to you… :wink:
By the way some of my best runs and best medicine have come from bagseed …don’t think any differently about those seeds and the seeds that you buy… the only difference is the seeds that you buy have been grown for a longer period of time by other people that can give you good ideas on the best way to grow them… but if you’re willing to work with your strains for a long period of time like myself and learn to clone …all of your runs will be good runs… :wink:
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I have less faith in them mostly because I have 5 plants squeezed in to a 1.5 sqft area ;$ @peachfuzz


Ahhhh halppppp. There’s foam forming in my res!!! Roots look healthy af, so idk what it is or if I should be worried. @peachfuzz @BIGE @BIGE @bob31 @Donaldj @whoever else can halppp meeee


What nutrients are you using?

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Have you ever seen what happens when you put to much laundry soap in the washer… lol
I think that’s what you have going on…
I use GH 3 part with aditives with no foaming… :wink:
Best hydro nutes on the market… just my opinion. … :wink:

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I added silica blast for the first time today. Idk if that has a tendency to do that…


silicate can do that if it isn’t added first it also raises ph order goes silicate micro then grow bloom while mixing and stir hard when silicate is first added otherwise it will form a film like a soap. Which is what happened relax it’s normal it will subside after a day or so but for future reference it should be added during res change and first :wink:


Makes sense. I changed res last night n went to the hydro store this morning. Thanks all :D!


I just recently started paying attention to what I should add first and which order…
I thought it was a bunch of malarkey at first… but since I’ve moved to hydro , I would say it’s important… lol :wink:

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@Donaldj do you follow the instructions for g to a T? I don’t always add the full or grow or bloom (depending if in veg or bloom)


I use everything that you have there except for the liquid karma… I’ve heard a lot of good things about it though… :thinking: will have to get some…

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