Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


Great job. Tony they are looking beautiful


Impressive, good lookimg girls😎


For another week yea definitely


They def have like a month left I’m guessing. Hairs are just starting to turn orange kinda. 45 days old, I’m guessing they’ll need 70-80 days before finish


Yea a month sounds right


Wait u saying they’ll need more light in a week to finish em?


No totally misenterprited lol I think on both our behalf which one do you want to use the 200 watt cfl to finish @TonyB


Finishing the NLA. With the CFL so I don’t bleach it with an led


Yea you should be able to I dont see why not


Down poured yesterday n is dizzlely dreary out today… Hoping my supreme haze plant is doing ok :x. Gunna have to take a hike in to the woods tmrw n check on her. Probably dust her with more de.


so I’m trying to split the base of the stem thing on one of my bag seeds. Kinda just an experiment, not really sure what to expect from it. I know it’s supposed to help with resin production, so hopefully it’s a big enough difference to notice between the different plants


So I have decided that I will harvest my bag seed grow very soon, isn’t quite ready n won’t be the best smoke, but I want to let my NLA finish in the big box with my big led on her so I can get the best harvest possible out of her. I’m flushing the bag seeds now. Just drained the res n filled with plain water I phed down. Going to do the same.thing tmrw to make sure I get all the access nutes out of the roots then give it 48 hrs of dark then choppy choppy.


So my lack of space became an issue once again… 3 out of the 4 bag seeds were close enough I could harvest to make room for my NLA that needed to go in to my big cab to advoid getting light burn. I had to make a judgement call n picked 3 of the 4 bag seeds and left the one that needed more time. I put the NLA in with res. With the last bag seed that is finishing and put all six of my cfls in the box, as if I put my 300w led in the last bag seed would of probably became bleached which would of cancelled out the point of letting it finish. I trimmed and started the drying process with the first 3 plants, no pics as I was rushing to finish before I had to go to work. I also put my two gold leaf seedlings in to my small cab.
I’m hoping that the 600watts of CFL will finish the last bag seed quick enough and having the light set to 12/12 won’t effect the yield of the NLA to much… Just more reasons why I really need to upgrade to a tent lol.


get one @Tonyb,you’ll be glad that you did…i am,that’s for sure!


Just gotta get rid of the room mate first :wink:


llol,do you need some help?


Nah just need to pay some fines to rmv first


my NLA new home. She still got one roommate. Once I get the last bag seed finished I’m switching the 6 CFLs for my Mars hydro ,300w LED. Just walked my blueberry autos out to the woods, gunna transplant them n put them with my supreme haze in my outdoor grow tmrw morning. So more pics in a few hrs after a lil nap >.>


my gold leaf seedlings vegging out waiting for the NLA to finish. Topped the a bunch n plan on topping em more, gunna try to go for a bush like effect with them :wink: keep em stubby n wide. By the time my NLA is done I’ll probably flip them to flower in the big box tbh lol. They’re already about 6-7 inches tall n I don’t really want em taller than 2 ft by the time there finished lol.


kx so all 4 of my plants for my outdoor grow are in there final location. The supreme haze plant that has been out there for a bit seems to be loving it, I’m sure the blueberry autos will love it too as it has basically full sunlight all day. I went heavy on the de again as, I have a 10lb bag for 4 plants, and it’s in the middle of a swamp so bugs are a plenty. (Chewed to hell by mosquitoes n jumping in the shower to check for ticks as soon as I get home)
All four plants are in FFOF which on here I’ve read many ppl say they don’t start nutes until flower when using that soil, but was wondering if it’s different when growing outdoors because of rains flushing the soil essentially. Can any outdoor growers weigh in n help me out? @Hogmaster I’ve seen some of your outdoor harvests posted on here so would love if you could put your .2 in also @Majiktoker I’m pretty sure you have an outdoor journal running so if you have anything to add I’d love to hear it

Peace out from the very Happy n excited pizza making mj farmer from mass xD