Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


I think those four will do real good for me. The autos will finish in time n the supreme haze still has enough summer to bulk up a bunch before late September early October. I’m just praying for a nice warm fall so they get even more time to bulk up :wink:


Finally have my supreme haze in her final spot. Went a lil od on the de lol, but it’s in the middle of a swamp so why not


She didn’t much like the move in to the woods last night… Had to put a garbage bag over her head… ;/ I’m hoping this sunny but mild weather will perk her right back up. Also I broke a top of one stem so she was topped again lol. She’s gunna be a bushy sob


update pic on the northern lights auto, pretty crappy pic but it sorta gets the job done lol. Shes about 40-45 days old, budding well, and starting to form tricombs xD


a pic now that the lights are out. Bit easier to look at. Need to get that led out n switch it to cfls asap, just waiting on stuff to finish so I can move things around


a bud from my batch of bag seeds. I bought a Jewelers loupe to help me tell how far along they are but I’m still too knew at growing to know if they are clear or milky. I know there isn’t any Amber’s at least lol. Anyone wanna weight in? @bob31 @BIGE @peachfuzz @garrigan62


Look’n good for Bud Of The Month there my friend



Thanks for the kind words but it’s a bag seed :x so I can’t enter it lol


It’s the thought that counts…right…lol



Yup. Even if I just think you’re being nice ;p. I’m hoping my NLA will win me bud of the month for July. She’s 45 days old n starting to look very nice (:!


switched my autoflower box to CFL from LED just now. Was worried that the led would start bleaching my buds :x


@Sharkslayer this is my thread with all the grows I’m doing atm. The last pic I posted is my NLA, she sprouted the 4th of may so she’s like… 44 days old or something like that.


Oh man, she looks really healthy and chunky. That gets me excited. I might start to germinate the last 2 I have tonight and get all 4 going at once. What do you think?


If you got the room why not? Right? I’m currently growing bag seeds a NLA 3 BBAs a supreme haze n have 2 gold leaf seedlings that are gunna replace the bag seeds as soon as they’re done lol. Basically gunna have harvests after harvests all summer, fall and probably the beginning of winter lol.


thats awesome:evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree::evergreen_tree:


a pic of my NLA in natural light. She sprouted the 4th so that’s like… 44? 45? Days old atm. Tell me what ya think of the young girl xD @Sharkslayer @Majiktoker @Donaldj @bob31 @Hogmaster @peachfuzz @Laurap @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE


looking great @Tonyb!


Woohoo @Tonyb looking great :+1:


She looks good @Tonyb


You guys think 200watts of CFL will be enough energy to finish em?