Auto flower northern lights dwc first real grow


So basically for this first real attempt at growing dwc I’m using northern lights auto from ilgm. I’m using a cash crop 5.0 box that I refit with a 150w led cheapy light I got from Amazon for under 40$. I’m only going to grow 1 plant in the box since it’s pretty small. I planted it last night in one of those lil jiffy pellet like things (not a jiffy pellet, I think they retain too much water n I end up killing em before they sprout lol). Im guessing it’ll be sprouted by the time I get home tonight or by the time i wake up for work in the morning so I’m calling day one may first. In the resivor I put some hydroguard, liquid karma, n this root supplement I think called Excalibur or something. For nutes I’ll be using GH trio, grow micro n bloom n also GH pk booster for flowering (Kool bloom I think?) Ummm other than that not much else to put yet I don’t think. I’ll take a pic of the setup either tonight after work or in the morning for a visual. Gunna have to learn how to post pics to this blog still but hopefully it’ll be easy.
All for now!


my two cabs


Well I want to try n show the insides of them but it keeps telling me to resize them and I can’t figure out how to lol. But the lil box is going to be the home for the northern lights auto and the big one is currently home two 5 bag seed plants that is completely over grown squeezed in waaaay to tight. I honestly thought I’d kill more or some would be male. If someone can tell me how to resize photos I’ll post it cuz it’s honestly pretty funny looking lol


well finally figured it out I think. The home for the northern lights auto


my big box with an unkempt jungle n a close up of my overcrowded bag seeds I don’t have the heart to kill any


@Hawkeye_diesel this is my lil set up. Critiques are welcomed also long as you don’t say my big box is overcrowded, cuz I am weeeelllll aware lol


lol,that is exactly how i started @Tonyb…you may be able to fit one more in there!


First grow in the small cab imma keep it at one to make lsting easier, but as soon as these bag seeds are out my big cab I’m def fitting 2 autos in it. It’s wider deeper n taller :wink:


my NLA popped today xD. She’s so cute n lil :blush:. Don’t mind the coffee cup n shot glass. My roommate​ was starting some of his own plants for an outdoor grow in a window n I felt bad for the poor Lil guys so I offered my 24hrs of led while I have space. The other seedling I have going next to my NLA is a supreme haze that I’m planning on transferring to my big box once the godforsaken bag seeds plants finish.


Speaking of Godforsaken bag seed plants, I gave them there first real hair cut that was desperately needed. My grow strategy of doing the absolute bare minimum to them wasn’t working lol


that’s good @Tonyb,now your plants will not be putting all that extra energy to your tops where all the magic is happening…lol
those lower limbs that cannot reach canopy drag down your plants,esp. during flower…jmo


That was my thought process exactly. Kinda hoping the budding will go quicker cuz of it. I was going up pretty far, n cut off alot of bud sites I’d probably leave if they weren’t squeezed in that cab like sardines


Do you have any heat issues in those boxes? My box won’t seem to get out of the lower 80s although it’s in a closet lol just curious


My yield machine max had some high temps in the beginning but I moved it off the wall a few inches n keep the windows in the room open at all times n that fixed that. I still need to get to Walmart n buy a cheap thermometer​ so I can’t tell you the exact temp in em but it’s liveable for the plants for sure


Also since dealzer makes such sub par product I’ve noticed the vent system in that is having a lil trouble keeping up with the new light I replaced the quazar POS light, but still I wouldn’t call it a heat issue. Once the middle of July hits I might be singing a new tune, but we’ll have to wait n see on that one @Noctis420


Sprouted yesterday n the lil guy already has a tap root reaching the water in the res :smile:


so I plan on making a thread for my supreme haze fem. Once my yield machine max finishes my “learn2growHydr0” test grow Finishes. There is only 1 grow journal anywhere online for that strain and the kid killed it in it’s end stages of life… Soooo Im going to take it upon my self to rectify this. Rn this lil guy is just gunna veg on 24 hrs led light in my auto box until his future home clears up, but in the meantime I thought I’d show her love n get a couple pics of her up


Hey looking for some advise. I want to add some extra red light to my larger box to help the plants bloom better. Trying to do this without having to buy a hole new light. Any ideas? The best I can come up with is adding some of those led strips that come with sticky stuff on the back side and hope that it’ll be enough red wattage to help them bloom stronger.
@garrigan62 @peachfuzz only two ppl Ive seen with resent posts on threads n also have much respect for your grows n knowledge


It’s going to be hard to add more light without the heat as well…
As for your question… I believe the strip lights that your talking about aren’t really that good… I think you would be better off getting some 3500 Kelvin cfl’s for additional lighting , you can hang them as close as 5 inches without any issues and hopefully not to much heat… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Thanks peach! Heat isn’t much of an issue as the box only has a Mars hydro 300w in it.