Auto flower, multiple harvest

First time auto flower growing.
What is the method of being able to have multiple harvest?
Do you just cut the buds off and let the plant continue to grow? What method(s) have the most success?
I appreciate the help.

There isn’t any with auto flowering plants… once they go into flower there is no going back you can’t control veg time and you can’t reveg them… photo periods are different you can successfully reveg them or what most people do is clone them that way you get multiple harvest of one genetic

Since I clone, there is always another round brewing. I cut the whole plant.

And you can clone autos but the clones will be the same age as mother and will go into flower around the same time and a clone from an auto won’t amount to much but a couple grams maybe not really worth it all… if you want to mess with monster cropping you need to use photo periods… you can also cut clones from a photo period during flower and monster crop that way/ also cloning is the better option monster cropping takes time a lot of time in that amount of time you could have 10 clones ready to go, but monster cropping creates wild plants with tons of branching and massive stocks

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Thanks for the reply. That’s what I thought but I’ve been seeing posts on other sites saying different so I thought I’d throw the question out there, thanks again.

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No problem questions are good but it is definitely not possible to reveg an auto if one did reveg it wasn’t an auto or at least not fully. I grow my autos and so do many other with 18/6 light and have never seen one reveg/ investing in a cheap cloning setup and get yourself some photo periods and you will be happy you did… I have a clone factory right now haha and it’s great

This is my third grow my first two were fine thought I would experiment with autos
Thanks for the help

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A lot of people don’t like autos I think they are cool what a neat plant, In my experience being able to flower on a 18/6 light schedule really makes a difference on bud size the 3 autos I’ve grown had massive buds impressed me actually


These are five and six weeks old and the veg seems so much skinnier then my two fem grows. We’ll see how it flowers over the next few weeks

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Have you done any training to them at all?

Low stress.

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